The Thankful Project – Something I Was Taught

thankful project title Today’s prompt is something I was taught.  I decided that my most valuable lesson was how fast life can change and how you better treat every day like it’s your last.

I’ve seen a lot of loss in my life at a relatively young age.  While it was devastating each time, it continued to teach me life lessons.  I learned that you only get one body and you must treat it with respect by living a healthy, balanced life.  To me this means exercise, eat healthy, limit stress and have some time for rest.  I still have a problem with letting stress and worry creep into my life too much, but it’s something I’m working on and I know the effects of it health-wise.


Through all of this, I also learned that life is very precious; you never know when it’s going to change.  Tell people “I love you.”  Make sure people know how you feel about them and live a life with no regrets.  Push yourself a little further and get out of your comfort zone.



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