The Thankful Project (Days 24-27)

thankful project title It’s been a few days, so here we are with our second to last post on the Thankful Project.  We are in Scottsbluff at grandma’s house, so we are thankful that we live close enough to see her all the time and drive back and forth – when we lived in Phoenix, this was sadly not a reality.

Physical Trait I Have: I really like my eyes.  They are green and I like that color.

Something I Know: In the past 4 years, I have learned a lot of information about health.  I feel knowledgeable about this topic and am family to help family and friends as well as be an acupuncturist.  I would feel completely lost if I didn’t know anything about health, so I’m really glad I understand this topic and can be a reference for the people in my life.

Criticism I’ve Received: I can honestly say I’m sensitive when I’m being criticized.  I tend to think the worst about myself then instead of taking it constructively.  It’s a trait I definitely need to work on.  I don’t have a specific situation, but my husband tries to give me constructive criticism on things that matter in life and I need to learn to take it better because I know he means the best and is only trying to help.

A Simple Pleasure: My simple pleasure is tea.  I love all kinds of tea and I look forward to it each morning.  I love chai tea lattes with almond (or soy) milk all the time.  Right now I’m drinking a oolong/chai blend from Teavana each morning that is superb!

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  1. I’m right with you on taking criticism better. Maybe my husband more than me though, he gets incredibly defensive. He usually realizes it and apologizes right away though. Sucks to always take things the worst possible way.

    Mmm anything chai!

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