The Thankful Project – A Photo

thankful project title The theme of today’s Thankful Project is a photo.  I do not even know where to start with this because I’m grateful for so many photos and memories in my lifetime.  Several of them have been life defining.

I suppose our first family picture of 3 is the photo I’m the most grateful for.  Throughout several posts on this blog, you have seen our professional birth photos.  I’ve never been more grateful for any photo than these – there are some close seconds such as ones of my dad and other friends and family that are no longer with us, but Alicia captured this life defining day for us perfectly and I love looking back at them getting teary.  I’m a complete sap lately and have been teary about everything.

I think birth is the most beautiful thing on earth so to me these are my most beautiful pictures.


I also really love the ones of my mom and sister in the L&D room with us because their facial expressions are priceless.




What’s your most cherished photo?

2 Responses to The Thankful Project – A Photo

  1. Oh man, I had to fan my eyes. I’m right with you in the sap boat. Beautiful pictures, greatest moment to capture. I have so few from delivery because Aria was whisked away, it really bums me out.

    • I’m so grateful I had a birth photographer. I was unsure about it. I know most people don’t have many pictures from this time. It’s not something on the forefront of many peoples minds!

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