Eight Months Old!

Dear Aiden,

I know I say this every month, but eight months seems so old.  You definitely remind me more of a little boy now than an infant!

Here you are at just 8 weeks.


And now here you are at 8 months!

DSC00944 The theme of this month has been developing your personality and movement.

You have been crawling since you were about 5.5 months, but now days, it’s much FASTER and with much more intention about where you want to get to. You have also been standing for quite some time now, but you are now pulling yourself up with ease and walking alongside things, especially the couch to get Otis.  In the past couple of days, you are trying to stand by yourself.  You throw your arms up above your head and hold them up for about 3 seconds and then tumble down.  I’m sure this month, you’ll get much better at it!  You also found the stairs and love to climb up them which makes your mother and father nervous wrecks!


The unfortunate part of all this movement is the crashes that ensue with bumps and bruises.  I feel like we probably have one of those per day these days and I know with you being a rough and tumble little boy, it’s not going to get better anytime soon.


You are figuring out all your toys so well now.  Your favorites are toys with noises and Sophie the giraffe cannot be replaced.  We take that with us everywhere.  Scout the Leapfrog dog was introduced to you a few days ago and I usually hear it from the crib and that’s how I know you’re awake.  Blocks are another favorite and usually go straight to the mouth as does most other objects.  You’re so curious about everything now.


You’re getting quite the personality too.  You’re very loud and boisterous with your babbling, which is the sweetest sound ever.  You have your preferences and dislikes and usually they are firmly set.  You highly dislike changing clothes and your diaper is a close second.  It’s pretty much a full on wrestling match between you and I.  You absolutely love dogs and want both Otis and Lucy to be touching you all the time.  It’s very funny how you’ve learned that Otis will lick you to death because you now duck your face when you’re near him.  We are trying really hard to train him to stop that bad behavior.


We have been doing so much better about the solids this month.  We actually bought some of the Earth’s Best baby food purees to see what you liked and didn’t before I actually prepared it because we were wasting a lot of food before.  You seem to love all of them actually.  I don’t think you like the texture of food just yet and highly prefer the purees, which is totally fine.  You also have to feed yourself and want no help from me.  You eat breakfast and dinner in your highchair.  I’m hoping this month to add one more time too.


You are starting to drink water and like that too.  This month, we’ll resume making your food again and hopefully try some more solid foods.


We are having so much fun together these days!  You are understanding so much more, talking more and being so much more active.  We play and play with all your toys and I enjoy showing you your world so much!  We try to do something stimulating most days such as meet up with friends, go to parks, go for walks, or somewhere else new.


We had Halloween this month and you dressed up as a puppy.  We went to downtown Parker where they had trick or treating and I thought you’d like to look at all the kids dressed up since you love to play with other kids. You were tired, it was windy and you were less than amused!  I got really cute pictures though, so I guess some good did come out of it.

Image 4

Sleep has been up and down as usual.  You have had a couple of nights of completely stellar sleep with me only really waking 1-2 times in the night and then there have also been the nights where I wake 5 times.  You are going through a wonder week of categories right now and at the beginning of it, sleep was on the downslope.  I just figure I have to roll with it for the time being.


Favorite Foods: Sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, chicken – all fruit

Breastfeeding: We still breastfeed about 8 times a day probably and we have been giving you more bottles when we’re out.

Teeth: None!

Weight: I have no idea since we didn’t go to the doctor this month.  You’re wearing size 9-12 month clothes just fine, so I’m not too worried.

Likes: Bathtime, eating, playing with other kids and your toys, Otis, singing, being tickled, playtime with daddy.

Dislikes: Getting dressed, going to bed, being left alone, getting strapped in the carseat sometimes.


You’re so much fun these days to play with!  I feel like I can always make you smile and you’re always happy to see me – such unconditional love.

Love, Mom

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  1. He’s such a handsome little guy! We need to meet up soon- I can’t believe the babies are 8 months (L on Friday). Aiden is going to love reading these posts when he’s older!

  2. I can’t believe how fast he’s moving around! Your early crawler is probably going to be an early walker… and runner! I love that photo where he’s perched on his knees—he looks like he’s up to no good with that sly half-smile on his face. 😉

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