Top Five Friday Favorites

Hey Guys!  I hope everyone’s week has been great!  Aiden is sleeping like a champ over here (by our standards), so that has helped me out a ton.  Now that I’ve completely jinxed myself, I’ll be up all night tonight.

I found lots of good comfort food recipes this week! Here we go:

Guacamole Bruschetta. This looks like a great appetizer/finger food for game days.  I think my love for college football Saturdays is secondary to the tailgating food!   


Roasted Tomato and Chicken Sausage Whole Wheat Pasta. Since the weather is getting a little more crisp, I’ve been wanting some warm soul food.  This recipe looks fresh and delicious, yet warming!  I can’t wait to make this when the snow is falling to the ground.


Asian Noodle Salad Jars.  Since the weather is still in the 70’s now, I still have some room for salad.  I usually skimp out on salads in the winter months and go for heartier soups and stews, but this looks good.  I should really make some of these to keep on hand for lunch when I don’t have time to make anything else or make a pb and jelly sandwich with absolutely no veggies!


Rustic Green Headband.  I love big headbands with big buns, especially since my hair is getting longer again. This one is found on Etsy!

Chef Bouche’s Tomato Soup du Jour.  How can one not like tomato soup with grilled cheese, especially when the grilled cheese is in little bits in the soup?  Well other than my husband who doesn’t like cheese, this meal is perfect!  I want to eat that right now.

That’s my five best links this week.  We have a busy weekend planned.  We are going to a pumpkin patch on Saturday morning and then my cousin is in town and we have a birthday party for a 2 year old on Sunday!  I’ll be back Monday!  Have a great weekend!


What is your favorite link this week?

What are you doing this weekend?

What’s your favorite fall/winter meal?


3 Responses to Top Five Friday Favorites

  1. Yay! Sleep, Aiden, sleep! The bruschetta and pasta look delicious. But, how can someone not like cheese?!?!!? 😉 We eat lots of soups in the fall and winter, especially bean soups. We tried a butternut squash soup yesterday that was pretty good.

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