Seven Months Old!


Dear Aiden,

We’ve surpassed the ½ way point to a year old, and thus begins the journey of you becoming a one year old.  It has been seven long blissful months.


This month you’ve become more active by mastering crawling at a fast pace and climbing like a little monkey.  Sitting and crawling are no longer appealing most the time, you’ve got to be climbing or standing to gain a full view.  We were downstairs the other night and found you wanting to climb up the stairs and actually made it up a few before I got too nervous and pulled you down.  I am no longer able to lay you on a blanket and know you’ll be safe.  You are on the move 100% of the time and we had to purchase a play pen to contain you while I do things like go to the bathroom.  When you’re not contained by the play pen, you are looking for anything but your toys to explore.  You’re favorite things include cords, power outlets, the carbon monoxide detector, zippers, strings and tags.


You are enthralled with Otis.  You always want to be with him and dart for him across the room when you spot him.  He loves to lick you to death and you love to “pet” him and pull his tail.  This results in me spending all day saying “Otis – no lick.”  I’m sick of saying this phrase, but I know with time you and him will have a more “even” friendship.  Your eyes light up when you see him and you screech and smile.  He might be your favorite.


We’ve started solids slowly and you’re still figuring out what you like and don’t.  You are adamant about spoon-feeding yourself with no help from mommy.  We’ve given you a few whole foods like peaches, watermelon and bananas and you eat them like a champ.  You still love mashed avocado too.  You are not so fond of sweet potatoes and zucchini however.  We are still working on that.  We decided to delay grains and dairy for now.  I am trying to get solids in two times a day this upcoming month because right now, we are at about one time on average.  You’re still not totally interested – you could take or leave food.


Each day, I try to take you out on an outing so you can see and experience things beyond the walls of our house.  We spend a lot of time walking, playing with other baby friends and even going to the gym daycare two times so far.  I wasn’t sure how that would go because you don’t like when I leave you with anyone except daddy and grandma Nancy, but you actually did okay when the daycare babysitter held you.  Now mommy can workout by herself in the mornings!


Sleep is still an ongoing issue.  For three nights this month, you slept for 6-7 hour stretches and then a couple more hours and it made for three glorious nights for us.  I felt like a new person.  Unfortunately, that stopped suddenly and we were back to waking up every couple of hours.  I have tried and tried to decode what makes you sleep better and I still have no answers.  It doesn’t seem to totally matter if you eat more, take better naps and more tired, etc.  We’ve tried lots of methods and I just don’t feel like any of them are consistent – maybe it’s your dad and I that aren’t consistent.  Even when we let you fuss a little bit, your cries change night to night, so I can’t convince myself that there is nothing wrong very often. Every night is pure randomness and I’ve accepted the fact that is how our life is going to go for now.  I know sometime you’ll sleep through the night and when that day comes, your mom will be the happiest woman alive.  I can’t believe it’s been 7 whole months with not more than a 5 hour stretch of sleep for me.  Good thing you’re so cute.


We didn’t have a weight check this month, but I’m guessing you’re somewhere in the 18 lb. range.  You still have no teeth, but I think they might be coming due to the fussiness, lack of sleep, crying out of nowhere, and gnawing on everything.  I guess only time will tell.


You really dislike not getting attention, loud noises (although it’s getting better), getting dressed and vegetables.


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  1. He is just so cute! I can’t believe how mobile he is already. Isn’t it funny how they develop so differently? Landon still can’t crawl, but he has 4 teeth. Tomorrow is his 7 month b-day, so I’ll be writing a similar post! Hang in there with the sleep. I’ll think of you when I’m up 10 times tonight, too!

    • It is funny how they develop so differently. I check everyday to see if there is any progress in the teeth department and still nothing. Yeah, I’ve given up on the sleep. It is what it is. I think it’s kinda funny to read posts about people with 2 month olds that only wake 1 time per night!

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