My Pledge to Myself


This is a topic I have needed to look straight in the face for a long time, but I kept putting it off and making excuses.  With a 7 month old baby in tow, I need to stop “flying by the seat of my pants” and start to get some things accomplished.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not disappointed in myself and I have done the best I can since Aiden has been born.  However, there have been several aspects of my life that have completely gone on the wayside even since being pregnant that are important to me and I need to get them back on track.

1. Eating healthy.  I know the term “eating healthy” can mean many things to many people and at this stage in the game, I’m not going to set any drastic limits on myself.  However, getting salt water taffy at the store nearly every time I go there, eating extra handfuls of marshmallows and chocolate chips, etc. need to stop.  When I got pregnant, I was at a good weight for me that I was able to maintain and I also had a good relationship with food.  When I got pregnant, I became much more lenient with myself and 7 months postpartum, I’m still in that mind-set.  I am going to choose fruits as snacks over packaged foods and make simple swaps for healthier foods.  With Aiden eating now, I want to be a good role model too!


2. Exercise. I know this is a lame excuse, but time and energy have been my biggest problem with getting exercise since Aiden was born.  I walked a lot during my pregnancy and I have continued that, which is great, but I am feeling the need for some more intense workouts.  Aiden is now old enough to go to the gym daycare, so I think I’m going to start taking some classes again.  I have been doing a postpartum core workout everyday to get my core back in shape also.  I’m going to make an effort to get at least 3 higher intensity workouts in per week.  Once I feel stronger, I’m going to start training for running events again.  I’ll start small and then work my way up to 1/2 marathons and hopefully a marathon.  I have done 4 marathons in the past and it’s bugging me that I don’t have 5 completed.  I’m listening to my body right now because I still have some pelvic pain that I don’t want to get worse from running.

3. Time Management. I have always been really good at time management and productivity.  These days, I feel like getting the dishes done and the house picked up is a huge accomplishment.  I am trying to run two businesses and keep up with the blog (which I love), take care of a baby and myself and do all the chores a household requires.  My husband is great help with the baby and household chores, so that’s awesome.  David and I sat down with the drawing board and tried to remedy a plan of attack for this.  I’m going to leave the house for 1 hour per day to keep up with business stuff.  This is huge for me and if I leave the house, there are no distractions.  I think this sounds a lot better than I’m doing right now.  Aiden’s sleep is still fairly sporadic, so I do work on things during nap times too, but that’s never guaranteed.  I know someday it will be, so I’m not concerned about that right now.

I’ve been feeling a little blah about myself lately and I think these three things will help so much!  I haven’t been taking the best care of myself, but that’s about to change!

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  1. These are awesome goals! I know how hard it can be to try and get everything done. You feel like you are just trying to keep your head above water and not sink. I try to give myself 1-2 goals to accomplish per day when I’m at home and another 1-2 goals to accomplish at work. So for instance, I’ll force myself to make one phone call and do one errand at lunch when I’m at work. At home I’ll do one errand on the way and one chore. I can’t say I have a great system but I’m working on it!

    • Yeah that’s a good system! I feel the same way about trying to keep my head above water and not sink. I have lots of ambitions, but the reality of the situation is that they cannot all get done right now! Live and learn I guess! Thanks for reading!

  2. My pledge is to be less of a lurker and more of a participant on the blogs I read. 😉

    I think it’s a great idea to get out of the house for an hour to try to accomplish some things. Sounds like you’re doing an awful lot, already, though! I’m with you in that, for quite a while after O was born, doing something like one load of laundry made for a successful day! But more recently I’ve definitely been trying to get more done, and I feel a lot better about myself when I can rattle off a list of daily accomplishments. Naptimes are best for me… I just have to stay motivated and not get sucked into surfing the Internet and blogosphere, hah! 😉

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