How to Ombre Your Walls

I had a big surprise from the husband waiting for me when I returned from spending the week in Nebraska at Grandma’s house.  I have been complaining that our room is exceptionally boring because there isn’t any color.  We had talked about painting our room in ombre and to my surprise it was done by the time I returned!  Best surprise ever!

Here is how to ombre your wall: Image

Image 1


Image 10


Image 9


Image 8


Image 7


Image 6


Image 5


Image 4


Image 3




Image 2



What color are your walls? Do you like lots of color or more mono-toned?

I used to strongly like monotoned, muted colors, but I’m coming out of my shell.

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  1. Those colours add just the right touch to the room. Fun but not crazy, job well done. I’ve always loved stripes, can’t wait to have walls that I can paint!

    I nominated you for a liebster award, check out today’s post at Sweet Turtle Soup if you are interested.

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