6 Things I’ll Miss About the Infant Stage


Aiden is still a baby, but as he continues to grow and develop, I am starting to realize that he won’t be a baby forever.  He’ll be walking and talking soon and those newborn days will be forever gone.  I’ve always cherished the newborn moments with Aiden, but now that I really see just how numbered they are, I notice them even more.

Here are 6 things I’m going to miss about the newborn/baby stage.

1. Peaceful baby sleep.  I know as he becomes a toddler, I’ll still think he’s beautiful in his sleep, but there is nothing quite like watching a sleeping baby.

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2. Baby Cuddles.  There is something so sweet about newborn Aiden cuddling with me.


3. Being immobile.  I obviously want Aiden to develop properly and I love watching him learn new things and explore the world, but immobility was a handy thing once upon a time.


4. Baby smiles.  I love when I walk into the room and see the most unconditional loving smile there is.  I know I have a while before this ends – thankfully!


5. Running errands is much easier. We’re already basically over this, but just putting the infant carrier with him sleeping into the cart and running into the store was so easy!  It’s a little more challenging with having to take him out of the carrier and put him into the cart and hope his mood is ready for a shopping trip!

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6. Breastfeeding.  I know this can go on for how ever long I’d like, but I know it’s going to stop being the majority of his food by 1 year probably.  Breastfeeding so much more convenient and I love the bonding time with him too!  It’s like the world stops and he’s content in my arms nourishing himself. It’s much harder for me to get solids in during the day than breastfeeding!


There are lots of exciting things ahead and I love watching him grow!


What did you (or are you) going to miss most about the baby stages?

What is your favorite part of older babyhood?

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