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Since Aiden turned six months, I figured it was time to begin the adventure of starting solids.  I didn’t have any interest in starting him before then because I figured he could eat forever and only be exclusively breastfed for short period of time.  Before Aiden turned 6 months old, I really wanted to do baby led weaning, which is an idea of skipping the purees and going straight into softened chunks of food.  They say that it improves fine motor skills and allows babies to feed themselves, instead of a parent spoon feeding them.  It’s a rather progressive idea and I know several parents who do it and I thought it sounded best.  I even attended a class on baby led weaning where they placed platters of different foods and let the babies have a free-for-all with it.  At this point, Aiden was 5 months and not ready at all.

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I tried giving him a whole banana cut in half and a chunk of watermelon a few times and he just played with it having no intention of putting it in his mouth.  The third time I tried, I just gave him a banana and he shoved the entire thing in his mouth.  I obviously freaked out that he would choke.  He did gag (which they say is normal), but by the end of this ordeal, I was shaking and knew that I couldn’t handle watching him gag every meal wondering if he was choking.

After this experience, I realized that I would make the purees for a little bit and then go back to baby led weaning when I felt more comfortable with the situation.  He doesn’t even have teeth yet.

When we got back from vacation, I got out the baby bullet and decided that avocado would be the first food I made.


I put 1/4 c. water with it and blended it up.  One avocado made about 3 jars.  Aiden is eating about 1/4 of a jar two times per day, so that goes a long way.  He’s a cheap date right now!  Next time I’m going to blend it with breastmilk instead of water though.



DSC00724  I think he liked it.  He was a little unsure at first, but he got into it by the end.  By day two of eating it, he was wanting to hold the spoon himself and he reached in for more bites.  We also started offering him a sippy cup of water with each meal.  When I gave that to him, he knew what to do with it and got a little dribble out, but that was pretty much it.  That’s a work in progress.

DSC00756 I am still a rookie at this.  He’s eaten one kind of food, although tomorrow we are going to puree a banana and then sweet potato and squash are next.  I am not going to give him grains for a little while because babies don’t produce enough salivary amylase to digest grains until their molars come in.  Salivary amylase is the digestive enzyme that is needed to digest grains.  The lack of this enzyme with the introduction of grains can unbalance bacteria in the gut and lead to food allergies, mood disorders, behavioral problems and more.  There are lots of credible sources that discuss this issue.

It is still an adjustment getting used to feeding him too.  It was really simple to plop out a boob to feed him while I checked emails.  It’s actually fun to feed him and start this journey, but it’s definitely something else to think about each day.  At day two, I found myself having to remember to feed him solids.


I have many questions about solids still like how much should I be feeding him? How do I know if he’s full? Is he supposed to be pooping this much? You know the same questions I had six months ago about breastfeeding.  That came relatively easy, so I’m sure this will too.


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  1. I did BLW with Aria, I am pretty sure it took several years off of my life. I took a step back and half offered purees and really soft easy to break off foods. The gagging sound is the worst though! I didn’t know the thing about the grains, shoot Aria has had tons.

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