Keith and Ashley’s Wedding

This weekend was the highly anticipated wedding of some of our best friends, Keith and Ashley.  David was the best man, so we had wedding festivities both nights.  We started things off Friday night with the rehearsal and then we went to Lucky Strike bowling alley.  We started things off there with some appetizers and drinks and then we bowled and ate pizza and salad.  I hadn’t bowled for a good 5+ years, but it was a good time (and I did actually make it down the lane and score some points!).  I was horrible this night with taking pictures, so I don’t have any.

The wedding was Saturday night at an art gallery.  It was a very cool modern venue and they had the reception there also.  The ceremony was really sweet and I loved all the speeches.  Ashley and Keith obviously looked beautiful too! I have to say that normally the speeches at weddings are my favorite part.  They usually share either funny or heartfelt stories that make people realize who the couple is individually, which I think is cool.  We ate some yummy food, had good company and had a good time.  It was really David and I’s first time out since Aiden was born, so that was nice too.  Thankfully grandma was in town to babysit all weekend!

The art gallery was two stories, so the bridesmaids and Ashley and her dad made their entrance walking down those stairs.  It was really pretty, but I’m giving them all mad props for making it down those with no falls!  I also picked a really bad seat to take pictures, so this was about all I could get without getting the head of the person in front of me.

Image 11

Image 10


Image 1

Image 8


Getting the garter.

Image 9

Image 12

The best man’s speech.  I actually have a rather funny story about this.  David was talking about why it was a good idea for Ashley to choose Keith as her husband and he started with a point about how Keith is always romantic.  Well, he told the story of how Keith proposed in San Francisco and David and I were there with him.  Well David sat on a chair to imitate Keith sitting in the car being nervous and as David sat down, the chair collapsed and he fell to the floor WHILE giving the speech.  It was embarrassing, but David did a great job of reviving himself and carried on.  Poor guy!

Image 13

Image 14 We had a good time seeing our friends and hanging out as a group with everyone again.  With distance between us and kids, it makes it hard to do these things very regularly.  It definitely took Sunday (and I have a feeling today too) to get our life back in order, but that’s a small price to pay.  I do have to say, this is the first wedding we haven’t had to travel for and it was so nice!


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