Gone Girl Book Review


I finally jumped on the bandwagon and read this book.  There is a library in our neighborhood that is walking distance and I decided that I wanted to join a book club, so I read the required book, which was “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.

Wow!  This book was a page turner.  It’s 415 pages and I read it in about 5 days.  I literally couldn’t put it down.  I think my husband and child are more than glad that I’m finished because they were starting to feel neglected I think.


Gone Girl begins the day that Amy Dunne went missing from North Carthage, Missouri.  This day also coincided with their 5th wedding anniversary.  Her husband, Nick Dunne, called the police but through the investigation acted very oddly, told endless lies and uninterested in finding her, but does that make him the killer?  He maintained his innocence throughout the entire book.  The book follows his wife through her diary entries and eventually finds the answer to the mystery.

My Review (Includes Spoilers!)

I thought this book was excellently written.  I was wrapped into it in the first few pages because I had to know what happened to Amy.

I know the writer wanted you to believe that Nick was the killer, but I was sure there was a turn of events, but I had no idea where it would go.

In the middle of the book, the stance of Nick being this horrible, cheating, lying, uninterested husband started to switch to more of Amy’s personality.  You started to learn how manipulate she was and how she had ruined the lives of several people previously in her life by lying about them.

Once I learned how manipulative Amy was and how she framed Nick for murder with a seamless plan, I started to think she was completely crazy and couldn’t stand her either.  I actually starting feeling sorry for Nick.

Both characters definitely had major character flaws, so I didn’t really love either one of them, but I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know the truth so bad and then once I knew the truth about both of them, I had to know how it ended.

“Would Amy get caught framing Nick for murder or would Nick have to go to prison for something he didn’t do?”

Turns out neither happened and Amy went back to Nick after an unforeseen series of events.  I really am not sure how I feel about the ending.  Amy still had too much leverage over Nick for him to get away from her and then with the baby, I understood why he stayed with her, but I couldn’t help but think, “what a horrible way to live!”

If you’re looking for a mystery that’s a quick read, I assure you this is a great book!  I also have heard it’s going to be a movie, so I can’t wait to see it now!


Have you read this book?

What did you think about it?

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  1. Hi Ali! Just found your blog tonight! I’m glad I did. It seems like we share many common interests (reading, cooking, motherhood, and Colorado!) Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to following along with your journey!

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