Friday Favorites

Favorite Core Strength VideoStrength Running Standard Core Routine. My husband had Jason Fitzgerald with Strength Running design him a Boston Qualifying marathon training schedule and along with the scheduled runs that needed to happen, he has videos on stretching routines, warm-ups and core strengthening exercises for runners.  It’s fast and they are effective!  I just started this, but I’m trying to do it everyday to try to combat some lower back issues.

Favorite BBQ Food - Barbecued Beef Short Ribs.  It must have been Labor Day weekend and all the barbecuing that it entails, but I’m still on BBQ mode.  These look delicious! bbq

Favorite Breakfast Food Makeover Corn Flakes French Toast Sticks.  Okay, so we all know that Burger King’s french toast sticks are way too good, but they aren’t even made with pure food substances, so they need to be eaten sparingly.  What’s a girl to do if she loves french toast?  Well these gems are make at home and cooked with corn flakes on the outside.  I can’t wait to give these a try!


Favorite Book CurrentlyGone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  Okay guys, I decided that I was craving something fictional and entertaining to read instead of boring business books, so I went to the library browsing and I found this one.  I knew it was popular, so I gave it a try.  I cannot put it down.  Aiden is having to compete with this book lately.  I’m about half way through and I am hooked!

gone girl

Favorite ShoesOxford Shoes.  Again with my poor fashion sense… I love these shoes but a little nervous to wear them.  I think I might go on a limb and buy a pair and figure out some pants to go with them.  They are so darn cute!


Favorite family time activityA Trip to California.  We are actually traveling there today for the next week. Please wish us luck with Aiden!  We’ll fly into Burbank and stay there until Monday when we are driving up to Sacramento to see David’s family.

cali In the midst of packing and getting ready for our trip all week, I didn’t browse the internet much!  I’ll check in next week from California.  I hope you all have a nice weekend and do something fun!

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