Aiden’s Six Month Update


Dear Aiden,

Six months went by faster than I ever thought was possible!  I feel like you should be about four months old – not six!  You continue to be the light of the day to both daddy and I.  We love you so much.

You are continuing to develop at a rapid pace.  You learned how to crawl at the beginning of this month – at just about 5.5 months old.  We transitioned you into your crib in your room by yourself and I think you were practicing in there.  At first, you would get into crawling position and rock yourself back and forth hoping momentum would project you forward.  Then all of a sudden you realized that you needed to pick up your hands and knees and you never looked back.  You move all over the place and the days of you laying on the floor immobile are definitely over.  I can’t leave you by yourself for one second anymore.  We purchased a play pen for our living room to contain you!


Once you mastered crawling, it was on the the next thing – pulling yourself up and standing.  Daddy and I thought you were sleeping one day a last weekend and we went to check on you and you were standing up in your crib!  We were surprised, scared and amazed at you.  You are a strong and determined little mister. We love it.


Sleep has been an ongoing issue still.  There was about a week that you were sleeping so well.  You got over the 4 month sleep regression, got used to your crib and weren’t going through a wonder week and were sleeping for about 4.5-5 hours in the first stretch and then about 3 hours in the next stretch.  I was only getting up about 3 times from 7:30 pm to 6:30 am!  It was glorious.  Right when I was getting used to this and bragging about your sleep, a wonder week hit and you went right back to waking up about 4-5 times per night.  Mama is tired and I would think you would be too.  About half way through this month, you decided that 7:30 pm needed to be your bedtime.  You get fussy and I know it must be bedtime.  We read a book then I sing Brahm’s lullaby (horribly) to you and you nurse to sleep.  This takes us about ½ hour and it’s lovely!  I love watching you fall asleep and then sleep on me for a little bit.  You have the most peaceful expression on your face and your little body snuggles into me and you’re out.  You have also gotten into a nap routine of 2-3 naps per day though they vary between 45 minutes-2.5 hours.  Each day seems to get a little more consistent.  I have to plan our days more around naptimes now, which is totally fine.  We want you feeling your best!


Your smile is contagious as is your laugh.  You absolutely love Otis and are mesmerized by your daddy.  You love me and are comforted by me, but you are infatuated with your dad.  He is so much fun for you – your eyes light up when he walks into the room.  It makes my heart sing to see the love between the two of you!  I pray that it is always this way.  You have started to get a little more clingy to your dad and I also.  When someone else is holding you, you reach for one of us.  It’s so sweet.


Grandma Nancy has seen you several times this month and you and her go over the animal sounds several times a day.  You are quite the talker and grandma thinks you are trying to make animal sounds too because you do it right after she tells them to you.  You enjoy this time and take an intense interest in learning them by getting really close to her face.  We can see the thought process going on in your head.  You love hearing your voice by babbling and screeching.


You also love to use your hands and explore new objects.  Your favorite things are iphones, ipads and computers!  You little tech nut. Your dad loves that you are so interested in technology and mom is of course freaking out because she’s stuck in the 90’s.


We had a few adventures in starting solids this month.  We went to a baby led weaning class at the Motherhood when you were a little less than 5.5 months old..  They placed platters of fresh food in front of all the babies and it was a free-for-all to get what they wanted.  I think you were overwhelmed and didn’t really know what to do because you grabbed a slice of watermelon, looked at it and put it down.  Then, within a couple minutes, you got fussy and wanted to nurse.  You weren’t interested in food at all.  We waited a couple more weeks and tried to give you a banana and piece of watermelon at home in your high chair.  You played with each piece of fruit for a few seconds and then wanted no more.  We tried a few days after that with a piece of banana again and you went to town!  You wanted to eat the peel first and I wrestled that away from you and then you stuffed the banana in your mouth.  I was obviously freaking out about choking at this point.  You gagged a little bit and it made me shake I was so worried.  You got down a few bites.  I tried to mash it up with a spoon and feed it to you, but you hate the spoon!  I’m a little overwhelmed by the whole experience and I’m not sure where to go from here.  I suppose we’ll try again!   Gosh starting solids seemed like a long ways away and now it’s here!

I’m not too worried about starting solids other than I think you want to explore with food now.  We haven’t had our six month doctor’s appointment yet, but I weighed you on our home scale and it said you were 18.2 lbs., so you’re somewhere in that ballpark!  Right on par.


Tomorrow we are going to embark on a journey to California!  I know you’re way young, but it’ll be interesting to see what you think of the ocean.  You are not very fond of strangers holding you right now, so I don’t know how that will go either.  I guess time will tell.


Breastfeeding is going well.  I love it – it’s the best bonding experience I could imagine with you.  I love being able to provide you with the best nourishment for you.  There is so much research coming out about all the benefits of breastfeeding.  I wish you the best health for the rest of your life.  I’m excited that we’ve made it this far and neither of us have plans to stop anytime soon.


That’s what’s been going on with you this month!  We continue to have so much fun with each other all day (and night)!  I love showing you new things and giving you new experiences. That’s the silver lining with you getting older I suppose!  You are no longer the delicate little infant I brought home from the hospital.  You have a personality and are striving for the next thing daily.


I love you so much and you are the biggest blessing to daddy and I’s lives!

Love, Mommy

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