Friday Favorites

It’s baaaaack – Friday favorites.  I took a long hiatus and realized that I liked doing it and so here it is.  I found the show Cake Boss and the Next Great Baker, so baking has been on my mind lately.  You might be able to tell.

Favorite baby carrier – Natibaby Malta linen woven wrap.  I am now obsessed with baby carriers of all sorts due a friend that got me hooked.  You can do so many things with a woven wrap and use them until kids are big!  The problem is they are darn expensive and I don’t know if little Aiden shares my joy for this. If someone wants to buy me one, I’d be okay with it.

woven wrap

Favorite healthy junk food - Almond joy protein shake.  I’ve learned over the years that it’s totally possible to create protein shakes that taste like milkshakes.  In fact, I don’t generally make myself a protein shake for the sake of being healthy, but because I want something sweet and creamy, but don’t want the calories and sugar of an actual milkshake!

Favorite summer dinner ideaPasta puttanesca.  I don’t know why, but I haven’t created any light summery pasta dishes this summer.  A few have caught my eye lately, so I think it’s about time to change that.

Favorite dessertRice krispie pinwheels. I don’t know if I have shared my love for rice krispie treats on the blog before, but they are definitely a favorite and add icing and sprinkles – this dessert has got it made!  I could probably demolish this entire roll, but I won’t.


Favorite decore idea Travel keepsake kits. You know how you always have great intentions about creating photo albums for vacations, but it actually never happens?  That’s why these were created.  And instead of just storing pictures on your computer and throwing other keepsakes in a random box, you are able to keep everything together! Love this idea. travelkeepsakekits_mini

Favorite nursing coverBamboobies chic nursing shawl.  This is a much cuter way to cover up than wearing an oversized bib. Shawl-BlackBerry

Favorite comfy shirt Vintage fleece pullover by James Perse.  This looks like sleep would feel.  Enough said. shirt

Favorite cake decor Sprinkles cake for a sprinkles shower.  Again, I told you I am majorly into Cake Boss as my late night show of choice these days.  I just love Buddy Valastro and all the cakes they create.


Favorite cookie  Toasted marshmallow and nutella chocolate chip cookies.  Now if we’re going off of taste and not just look, these seem like they would be pretty darn tasty!  I like marshmellows, nutella and chocolate chip cookies, so combining them has to make it three times as good, right?
marshmellow cookies

Favorite breakfast baking Cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread.  How could this not be good?  We would need a good booty kicking workout before or after these lil’ gems though.

bread Okay that concludes my Friday favorites.

I hope you all have a good weekend and are outside as we near the end of summer!


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