A Day at the 2013 Chipotle Cultivate Festival


Hi ya’ll!  I hope you had a good weekend.  After Friday’s sad news, I needed a nice weekend. We had a busy weekend, but with all fun things.

Saturday morning, Aiden and I attended a baby led weaning class in Denver followed by the Cultivate Festival at City Park.

I’m going to dedicate a whole post (or a couple of posts) to starting solids, baby led weaning, and our experiences, but for now I want to talk about the Cultivate Festival.


So the Cultivate Festival is put on by Chipotle in 3 U.S. cities – Chicago, Denver and San Francisco – to provide information about eating clean foods that are grown and produced in green and healthy ways.  They also have other booths from businesses that don’t use pesticides, chemicals, etc. in their products that sell foods and give samples.  We had a blast and actually learned some stuff too:)


In the tent with the other vendors, David and I tried a peaches and cream bourbon popsicle, a sample of a dill pickle panini, a lemon cake ball, and some low calorie watermelon flavored Izze natural sparkling soda.  I’ve never had Izze before and I’m now a fan.  I didn’t ever get them because even though they are natural, they still contain a good amount of sugar and calories, but the low calorie version is good because they just add more sparkling water to cut that stuff out.



Lillabee Allergy Friendly Baking had gluten-free and dairy-free cupcakes and brownies.


Like I mentioned above, we got the peaches and cream bourbon ice pop and it was great!  Definitely cooled us off from the insanely hot weather.  It was a tough decision between that and the salted chocolate.



The dill pickle panini was simply bread, pickles and mustard and tasted superb. IMG_1904

There was also a tent with local breweries where you could purchase 4 oz. glasses to try different types.


Also, you can score a coupon for a free burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos if you went to at least 4 informational booths sponsored by Chipotle.  The lines were long, but we did it.  We went to a booth about avocados, tabasco sauce, the difference between processed vs. fresh food and we answered a trivia question to complete our 4.


They also had Shophouse there, which is an asian inspired version of Chipotle.  I had a screaming, hungry baby at the time we wanted to eat, so David went and brought me food.  I’m not even sure what exactly I ate, but I know it had meatballs, veggies and had a curry sauce.  It was good and had a bit of spice to it.

All in all – A great experience!  I love going to places where the food is created with good intentions and I don’t have to even think about what I might be consuming.  I wish everywhere had real, quality food!

By the end of the day, Aiden was craaaanky.  He was out in the heat for too many hours without a solid nap.  I definitely learned that he cannot be out of the house for that long.  He was exhausted!


If you live near Chicago or San Francisco – go check it out!

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    • Yeah Shophouse is cool. They only have it in a few cities, but they are looking to expand… just very slowly to make sure they have good suppliers everywhere and can meet their demand.

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