A Tribute To A Man’s Best Friend

Today is a sad day in my family – our 17 year old dog, Nike, has gone to a better place.


I am sad for us because we won’t get to see you, but I’m happy for you that you get a be free and feel better.  There is no more suffering for you.


I met you the summer before I was going to be in 6th grade.  I am now 28 years old.  We had a great run together!


I tortured you when you were little (and I was young too), but all in a game of love.  I always wanted to be with you (and our family fought for you too).  You always just wanted to be with mom though.  I nicknamed you hundreds of things and you just put up with all of it.  For the past 9 years, you have been the connection we still have between dad and grandma and grandpa also.  A lot in our lives have changed since then with the exception of you.


You were at my wedding.


You (literally) had bells on for 17 christmases with our family.





You were alive for Brittany’s wedding.


You put up with us getting another dog (that sometimes acts a little bitchy), but you wouldn’t hurt a fly.


You went through so much with our family and we all love you so much!  You hold a special place in all of our hearts.  We know you’re happier and looking down on us now.



March 21, 1996-August 16, 2013

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