5 Months!


Dear Aiden,

Here we are at 5 months.  I know I say this almost every day, but how is this possible?  You are such a different little person than you were when we came home from the hospital and even just a month ago actually.  Every time grandma Nancy sees you (which is about every 10 days or so), she says that you have changed.


You have mastered rolling over.  You love being on your tummy looking around.  I notice you are able to push yourself up higher and higher all the time.  Your little arm muscles are strong.  You love to watch Otis (and when we went to Minneapolis, Piggy) and try to catch him.  I can see your brain trying to figure out how to move to be able to touch him.  You are able to get your feet into a downward dog type of position. You can scoot yourself around a little bit, but I see movement being the theme for this next month.  I know once you figure it out, it’s all over and you’ll be very busy!  The other day, you stood up by yourself for about 10 seconds hanging onto the (cushioned) coffee table.


You are in the midst of teething as well.  The drool, red cheeks, irritability, wakefulness, gnawing on everything… is all present.  I can see your front two bottom teeth wanting to come through, but only time will tell when they actually pop through… hopefully sooner rather than later because I know you’re uncomfortable sometimes.  I made some frozen breastmilk to put in a teether, but you weren’t really sure about that.  Sometimes you like to gnaw on a frozen washcloth.  I also have been putting the Hyland’s homeopathic teething gel in your mouth, but I’m not sure how much that’s doing.


You are interested in your toys and books now!  I was wondering when that would come, but it’s here.  We bought you some new toys in Minneapolis to play with.  You like music and things that move.  You also enjoy toys that you can chew on and mirrors.


We haven’t officially weighed you since your 4 month checkup in which you were right on track with the 50th percentile, but I weighed you at home and I think you’re a little over 16 lbs. (probably about 1 lb. bigger than last month).  I have no doubt that you’re continuing that trend.  We are surely past the 3 month clothes now and definitely into the 6 month clothes.  You are flying through your wardrobe.  We are blessed and got some clothes given to us by a friend, so that helped stock you up a little more.


Sleep has been an interesting story.  We basically worked all month on transitioning you into your crib.  First, I side-carted an air mattress to the crib, so that I could lay with you and you could get used to being in there.  In the past couple of days, we put the crib back together and you actually went in there.  You have still been sleeping mostly in 2 hour increments, which has been tough on me, but at least your in your crib now.  And… the past two nights have been two 3 hour stretches and then every 2 hours, so that’s promising.  You have also started taking better naps.  I can usually count on at least one nap in the crib and then some naps in the car, stroller, etc.  I think you’re getting the correct number of hours of sleep now (at least as per a sleep consultant).  I would really really love if you would sleep a longer stretch at night, but I’m assuming that will come.  I think Daddy and I have a few plans in your future on accomplishing this.  As for now, I’m still sleeping on the air mattress in your room, but you are in your crib.  It’s progress I suppose.


You and I continue to bond and have great times together.  I love showing you things and doing new things with you.  We have gone on picnics, walks, trips to the park, play groups, etc. and I think things like the aquarium are up next.  I have started teaching Mommy and Me Yoga once a week, so you’re the model child for it.  There are certainly times during the class when you don’t want to be doing yoga, but we make it work! We are also going to start hiking more since you’ll go in your Ergo carrier readily now.  I can’t wait.


You also had your very first flight this month.  We traveled to Minneapolis for a long weekend to visit your Aunt and Uncle.  The flights were much less stressful than I anticipated and we had a great time there.  You love you Aunt and Uncle so much.  You were constantly smiling at them.

I love that you’re so happy.  It makes all the hard times worth it to see you smile.  I love you more and more each day.

Love You,



As for me, I’m doing fine.  The past 5-6 weeks have been grueling due to the no sleep factor.  I still don’t understand how in one random night, he just all of a sudden changed and there was no going back.  He was sleeping 4-5 hour stretches and it was getting better almost nightly, and then poof… 2 hour increments like a newborn again.  Maybe I’ll never know.  I’m hoping that we’re headed in the right direction with sleep though.  I’ve really had to readjust my priorities this month, say no to things and let things go in order to stay above ground. I’m tired to say the least.  This being said, my fitness schedule has declined a bit.  I have been walking a ton with Otis and Aiden and then doing a little bit of running maybe once a week and doing Jillian Michaels workout DVD every once in awhile.  I’m still losing weight, so that’s the important thing.  Fitness will always be there and Aiden as a baby won’t.

I’m also trying to continue to grow my business.  If I’m being honest, this is the most stressful thing in my life right now.  The networking, marketing and trying to figure out how to do each weighs on me.  I’m really trying to find a balance between working on that and being the best mommy and wife I can be.  It’s a tough thing for me.  I’m trying to not beat myself up about it and just cherish the time we have together as a family.  Everything else will wait.

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