Four Months Old!


Dear Aiden,

Once again, you’ve really grown a ton and developed much more rapidly than I expected.  We have been having lots of fun smiling and laughing all day.  You hit lots of developmental milestones this month!  On your three month birthday, you decided it was time to roll over from your tummy to your back and then you barely have done it since.  That must be boring because a couple weeks later, you rolled from your back to your tummy and now (in the 4th month), I can’t keep you on your back.  You love being on your tummy looking around, but still only for about 5-10 minutes at a time.


You not only smile now, but daddy and I have gotten a few chuckles out of you too.  We absolutely love your laugh and try no less than 50 times a day to get it out of you. The first time I heard it was when I bounced a little green ball next you during tummy time.  That was the most hilarious thing you had seen!


You also have the cutest little shriek I’ve ever heard.  It gets a little louder and more often each day.  You found your hands and really like using them.  It seems like they are moving from sun up til sun down.  You like to grab your toys and can hold them for a little bit yourself.  You also love to grab mommy’s hair!


We have started to develop a little more of a daily routine, especially at bedtime.  I try to read a book to you and sometimes you’re interested and sometimes not.  You do like to play with your activity gym and a few other small toys that we have.


You are starting to drool quite a bit right now.  I think teething is right around the corner.


Sleep wise, at the beginning of the month, you started to have longer stretches of sleep during the first stretch of sleep.  It was about 4-5 hours and I was thrilled!  You still liked to get up every 2-3 hours after that for the rest of the night, but that was okay with me.  I was starting to feel a little more energetic and get some things done during the day.  Then, one random Monday night, that was over!  You went on a sleep strike and decided that we must get up every 2-3 hours for the entire night.  As I’m typing this, we are three weeks later and still on the same schedule.  I’m really tired.  I have talked with lots of mom friends with babies your age, and it seems like it’s a theme – the 4 month sleep regression (or a wonder week(s).  I was told yesterday at a sleep support group that it’s not actually a regression, but a progression because you’re learning so much right now.  I’ll take it.


You are outgrowing your rock n’ play more and more each day.  We have to get you into your crib at some point, but you’re simply not having it.  You took two 25 minute naps in your crib when I tricked you with a pacifier, but then it hasn’t happened since.  We will see…



We went to grandma’s house twice this month – once when your Aunt and Uncle were there (without daddy) and the other for a long weekend for the 4th of July. Britt and I took you swimming, but the wind picked up almost immediately when we got there, so you weren’t in the water very long, but I think you liked it.  Then, daddy, you and I went swimming two days and you really liked it.  I am so happy that you didn’t hate the water.  Speaking of water, during bathtime, you like to play with the faucet.  I think we’re almost to the point where you have to go into the real bathtub instead of the kitchen sink!



I think you were a little shocked by the fireworks on the 4th of July.  We have some great pictures of your little face!  I don’t think you hated it, but I don’t know if you liked them either.  I think the colors were fascinating, but you could have done without the noises.  We did put some kleenex in your ears and covered them with a blanket.






We are still breastfeeding very well.  You’re eating like a champ!  At 15 weeks, you weighed 14 lbs. 4 ounces and then at your 4 month checkup (18 weeks), you were 15 lbs. 2.5 ounces, which is right in the 50th percentile.  You were 25.5 inches long – in the 75th percentile.  You’re long and lean like your daddy! I think your eyes might be changing from blue to green, but we’re still waiting on that verdict.


As for me, I had some ups and downs this month.  I was feeling great when you were sleeping 4-5 hours and then had a rough adjustment when the sleep regression started.  I remained hopeful every.single.night that it would magically go back to how it was and while I’m still waiting on that, I know it will come.  Exercise has kind of taken a backseat due to fatigue.  I am still working out about 5 days a week, but they are less intense and I’m back to walking more.  I decided that it is a priority, but it’s not my first right now.  I am not letting myself go by any means, but maybe 6 days of intense exercise is just going to have to wait for a little bit.  When I’m not walking, I have been running and doing some circuit training.


I continue to love being a mommy to you.  There are definitely hard times, but your smile and laugh make up for all of them times 100.  I miss you being a newborn, but at the same time, you are getting to be so much fun now.  I love playing with you and showing you new things.  I can see that continuing for years and years.  I wouldn’t trade you for the world!  Right now you are sleeping next to me like a little angel and I can’t help but think I’m so blessed.

Love You Always,


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