Postpartum Week 9

Dear Aiden,

This week has been a little challenging for both you and I.  You definitely went through your second mental leap in the wonder weeks learning the world of patterns.  It started last Friday night and and lasted about 8-9 days.  You were very unsettled, clingy, fussy and refused sleep most of the time unless you were in your car seat.  You seem to love sitting in your car seat even sometimes when we aren’t in the car or walking/running.  Naps during the day went on the wayside and at night, your sleep was very touch and go.  You wanted to sleep with me most of the night (and I let you so we’d both get some sleep).  You didn’t want to fall asleep in your bed at all!


Here is what the wonder weeks said happened to you this week:

“Sometime around 8 weeks your baby will begin to experience the world in a new way. He will be able to recognize simple patterns in the world around him and in his own body. Although it may be hard for us to imagine at first, this happens in all the senses, not just vision. For example, he may discover his hands and feet and spend hours practicing his skill at controlling a certain posture of his arm or leg. He’ll be endlessly fascinated with the way light displays shadows on the wall of his bedroom. You might notice him studying the detail of cans on the grocery store shelf or listening to himself making short bursts of sounds, such as ah, uh, ehh.

Any of these things—and a whole lot more—signal a big change in your baby’s mental development. This change will enable him to learn a new set of skills that he would have been incapable of learning at an earlier age, no matter how much help and encouragement you gave him. But just as in his previous developmental leap, adjusting to this new world will not come easily at first.”

Just about everything said in the previous paragraphs described you to a tee!



There were times especially in the mornings that you still were a smiley happy baby too.  You are absolutely fascinated with the ceiling fans and have been for several weeks.  You like to laugh at them.  Due to the lack of sleep, we didn’t do too many activities this week.  Grandma Nancy was in town overnight and even she couldn’t calm you down very easily.


We went to a lactation consultant group this week and when I weighed you, you weighed 11 lbs. 10 ounces – a 13 ounce gain from the previous week.  You are definitely a growing boy.  We are still trying to squeeze you into your size 1 diapers, so they don’t go to waste and your 0-3 month clothes because mom can’t handle you wearing 3-6 month yet.  I do notice they are definitely getting tighter though.  The pants that you used to swim in fit perfectly now.  I have to admit while I’m ecstatic I have a healthy growing boy, I’m a little sad that you are growing so fast.


On top of the wonder week issue, you were having tummy aches more often this week.  I haven’t really changed my diet, so I’m not sure what was contributing to it, but I hope they don’t come back because you give me the saddest little face and cry and cry.  It breaks my heart to see you in pain.  We tried gripe water and I’m not sure how much it worked… maybe a little bit?

Speaking of pain, today is the day of your two month doctor’s visit in which you will have to get a shots.  I’m clearly freaking out more than is probably necessary, but it’s in my nature.  I am so nervous to hear you cry and scream from it.  I will probably cry more than you will.  I guess we’ll have to get through it together.

May 4th, your two month birthday, snuck up on me this month.  I can’t believe we were in the hospital meeting each other for the first time TWO whole months ago.  I have no idea where the heck April went.  I think we just skipped it this year.







Anyways, we are still learning life together and changes occur rapidly.  I must say though that you and I are a pretty darn good team and know each other pretty well at this stage in the game.  I almost always know why you’re crying now, which gives me a sense of peace even if there is little I can do about it.  I always hold you and let you know I am here for you.  I never let you cry very long without reaching for you and telling you it’s going to be okay.  Your independence is starting to shine through, but in these cases, I love your dependence on me.  As I write this, you are sleeping so peacefully in your car seat.  I can’t help but think you’re my little angel.

I love you!



As for me, I am having a hard time losing the baby weight.  I know that it hasn’t been that much time yet, but the scale won’t budge.  I am still about 15 lbs. heavier than I was when I got pregnant.  I have been working out about 6 times a week now doing a combination of Insanity workouts about 3-4 times a week, and then walking and running 2-3 times each week.  I think I need to focus on cutting out the sugar and eating more fruits and veggies.  That’s my goal for the week.  I know that weight loss is about 70% diet, so that’s where I’m lacking.  I also notice that my water consumption is less than it should be too.  I forget to drink during the day.  I’m frustrated, but I know what I need to do and I know that it’ll come with time!  Getting in shape is difficult.  I love working out, but it’s much more fun when you are in shape than when you are sucking air!  It has gotten easier over the past 3 weeks though.


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