Postpartum: Week 11

Dear Aiden,

We had a really good week together.  After Tuesday, you were such a happy baby.  You slept great, smiled all day, wanted to play several times during the day and spaced out your feedings more.

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You are loving your activity gym.  You love to look at all the colors and toys hanging above you and then after a little bit, you’ll swat away at them while cooing and squealing. It’s the absolute best thing mommy can watch!  You lay on the floor or in your crib and talk to yourself for much longer intervals this week too.

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We had our longest stretch of sleep on Saturday night – 6 hours!  I was shocked when I looked at the clock.  You have also been easier to get to sleep and you’re able to put yourself back to bed easier as well.  You are sleeping in your rock and play and my bed at night and then a couple of times, you slept for a little bit in your pack n’ play for a nap during the day.  I must admit I was shocked.  I think there is hope you’ll sleep in your crib eventually.  I always thought when I was pregnant that at about 3 months we would try that, but as that is coming sooner, I know that it isn’t time yet.  Mommy isn’t even ready and I know you aren’t either.  I’m not worried about it though.  I like you in our room.  I know there are definitely sleep cycles, so I’m not planning on this lasting forever, but we are having more and more good nights sleep and that’s all I can ask for.

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You are able to go a solid four hours at night without eating now for one stretch and then you eat about 2 hours the rest of the time.  During the day, it varies from every 1.5-3 hours.  I find myself getting nervous that you haven’t eaten for a while (like I was in the early days).


I made my first debut back into the running community this week by running a 5k.  It was slow and ugly, but I ran the entire thing, which is my longest distance since I got pregnant due to being told I couldn’t get my heart rate above 140 bpm. In my next pregnancy, I won’t be following that advice because it’s very outdated.  I could have run for most of my pregnancy I think.  Oh well, I’m getting back into it and couldn’t be more excited.  I still don’t have a huge desire to go out on the weekends and run for 4 hours to train for a marathon yet though.  I’m totally fine with this feeling.  I’d much rather spend my mornings snuggling with you and getting in a couple miles to stay in shape and calling it good.

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Grandma, you and I went to watch daddy run in the Colfax Half Marathon on Sunday morning too. You did great.  You slept most of it and then watched him finish and ate and then went back to sleep!  It was a nice morning and fun to watch daddy run.  I can see you and I watching daddy a lot in our future.

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We were forced to pack up some of your 0-3 month clothes because you are much too big for them!  They are difficult to zip, button and the magnet outfit doesn’t work at all anymore.  It was a sad moment for mamma, but totally necessary.  I’m obviously freaking out about you growing up too fast.

That’s about it for this week.  You were so sweet and melted my heart so many times.  I love that you’re becoming so much of a little boy now.  I can see a personality starting to shine through and your little voice kills me!  You and I are becoming closer and closer and it is getting harder and harder to leave you in the times I have to for work.

I love you so much!

Love, Mommy

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