Postpartum Week 10

Dear Aiden,

This week started early on Monday morning with you having to get your 2 month shots and wellness doctor’s appointment.  I was really apprehensive about you getting shots.  I really really didn’t want to do it to you, but after reading “The Vaccine Book” by Dr. Sears and talking with other moms, I decided that it was something we needed to do.  I was planning on doing an alternative vaccination schedule for you, but that would mean more doctors appointments and more injections, so I bit the bullet and followed the recommended vaccination schedule.  You took it like a champ!  You cried for just a few seconds, I nursed you and then we were good to go.  You slept a lot during the day, but I was expecting you to be extra fussy and you weren’t!  You weighed 12 Ibs. 2 ounces and were 23.5 inches tall.  You are in the 50% for both weight and head circumference and in the 75% for height.  We were right when we said you were going to be tall and lanky like daddy!  Everything else at the checkup went well.  Grandma Nancy had to come over and go with us.

Image 9


The next day was daddy and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary, so we went on a date to Iron Man III.  Grandma Nancy stayed with you for about 4 hours.  That’s the longest by a long shot that we’ve been apart.  You did well with that too.  Grandma said you watched her cook, drank some milk and slept.  I must admit I was a little worried to leave you for so long.

Image 8
What a day in the life looks like…

The rest of the week was normal business.  You continue to grow and develop so fast!  You’re clothes are getting too small which makes me sad, yet excited for you to wear some new cute clothes!  You and I went for a 4 mile run/walk at Washington Park on Saturday and then we went to the farmer’s market afterwards.  You have decided that you aren’t so fond of the car seat when you’re sitting still.  You fall asleep when we are driving or I’m walking/running, but at stoplights, you get a little irritated.  Your facial expressions are still so big!  You really let us know what you’re thinking.

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Sleep-wise it’s still hit or miss, but you are starting to sleep in longer increments especially for the first increment.  It’s usually about 4 hours now!  Woo hoo.  You slept in my bed snuggled next to me most of the week.  I hope I’m not doing the wrong thing by letting you sleep in bed with me, but you’re comfortable and we’re both sleeping, so I figure it can’t be too bad.  I know there are a lot of co-sleeper fans out there.  Daddy and I still are a little worried about SIDS, but I’m getting more comfortable.  I support your head with my arm the entire time and we make sure the blankets are far down.

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You sure don’t like naps very much.  I have a hard time getting you to sleep both at night and during the day, but during the day, it’s almost impossible.  You might fall asleep for about 20 minutes and it’s nearly always when you’re in my lap.  It makes it very difficult for me to get anything done during the day, but that’s okay.  I could stare at you forever.  You might have to start explaining this to dad though!

Image 5

We bought you a bumbo seat to see if you were strong enough to use yet because you love to sit up and stare at the world.  You are sick of laying down.  You can definitely use it, but with supervision and you only like to be in there for a couple minutes still.  I can’t stand how cute you look in this picture:)

Image 3


We celebrated my first Mother’s Day in Cheyenne with great grandma and grandpa and grandma Nancy.  We ate brunch at Little America (a place I went to a lot when I was little).  You were a pretty good little boy despite the frowns in some of your pictures.  I think you were actually happy too:)

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Image 2

Image 1


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I’m still getting stronger and starting to feel more and more like my old self.  Clothes are slowly starting to fit better and I’m getting more comfortable running and trying to run more and walk less during our runs as well as increase the distance.  I have a 5k run in a week that I’m not sure how prepared I’ll be for, but I’ll give it my best shot.  I am learning how to function on less sleep and even though I’m tired, I’m starting to notice it less.  I wasn’t sure this day would come, but you can’t die of tiredness (I don’t think!)  We can do about 1-2 things per day and that’s usually good for us.  We are nearly always late for everything which is very unlike me in my old life.  I’m learning to just play everything by ear and let the small things go!

I love being in the present with you all day – not thinking too far ahead or behind.  I am just cherishing the time we spend together now because I know it won’t last very long.  Everything else in life can just wait for you to grow up!




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  1. Ali,

    I loved reading this post! It’s fun to have another mom in the same week of postpartum that I am. Aiden is incredibly adorable; I love those big blue eyes!

    Landon is exactly 10 weeks old today and hasn’t slept a single night anywhere but our bed. I’m like you and pull the covers way down! Landon refuses naps anywhere but in the Moby Wrap, in the stroller (while moving, of course), or the Ergo. He won’t even sleep in the carseat while it’s in the car anymore- moving or not. Life is definitely moving at a different pace now, but like you said, these moments are to be cherished. I don’t know if you have a Moby Wrap or not, but they are great for getting some things done while the baby sleeps. In fact, I’m using BOTH hands to type this right now as he sleeps in it/on me! Big accomplishment!

    Keep up the great work, mama! Aiden looks like one happy little man.

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