Monthly Archives: May 2013

Postpartum Week 12

Dear Aiden, I know it’s cliche and I say this every week, but almost 3 months!  Wow!  Time is flying by and I want it to stop.  This week was pretty similar to the last.  You are still smiling a ton and yet again, getting stronger. You are still continuing to grow and develop at… Continue Reading

21 Graces Week 6

1.  Completing my first 5k postpartum 2. Perfect weather this past weekend 3. Rainy days 4. Baby cooing 5.  Sloppy joes 6. Chai tea mix 7. Eating food from our garden 8. Freshly mowed grass 9. Possibly buying a new car 10. Content baby 11. Going on walks 12. Pedicures 13. Feeling more energetic 14.… Continue Reading