Postpartum Week 8

Dear Aiden,

This week was incredible.  We actually noticed differences in your development each day.  I am around you so much that I don’t notice your growth on a daily basis. Its when I lift you one time and realize how heavy you are or long you’ve gotten.  This week you’ve made leaps and bounds in learning to do new things – you’ve transformed yet again into a new baby and it happened in it seems overnight.

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You’ve continued to get much stronger this week.  I barely have to hold your neck at all anymore.  You want to sit up and look at the world from a different perspective and get mad when I lay you down sometimes. When you sit up, you’re doing it more on your own.  Someday you’ll be able to all by yourself!

The biggest difference in you this week was your ability to smile.  You are happiest in the mornings and just giggle, squeal and smile nonstop for about an hour in bed.  Your smile absolutely melts my heart.  You had smiled in weeks prior to this, but I still wasn’t sure it wasn’t due to your gas.  I know now that you are actually smiling at daddy and I (and your grandmas).  You like to laugh at the fan and daddy giggling with you.  You and dad are bonding so much now that you can react to him and his goofiness.  You and I smile and laugh together when I have conversations with you.  You are trying to talk to us too.  Your little voice melts my heart.  I’ve been trying so hard to get it on camera, but it hasn’t worked yet.

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You also can focus on objects noticeably better this week as well.  I see you looking at pictures and artwork on the walls trying to decipher what they are in relation to your world.  You are content a lot just looking around (mostly at the fan).  You also watch Otis chew on his bone sometimes.  I can’t wait for you and Otis to become best friends.  Otis is really starting to be protective over you (not in an aggressive way though).  You also love music.  It’s soothing to you.  You like when grandma Nancy or I sing to you.

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Our sleep was pretty good this week.  For the time being, you are on about a 3 hour schedule at night, which is good with mommy.  You are doing very well at putting yourself back to sleep.  I can put you back in your bed next to our bed and you’ll fall back asleep by yourself.  This is a big revelation from last week.  When you wake up, I love watching you stretch and stretch!  It’s the cutest thing ever.

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Grandma Trish visited us this week.  You and her had a good time rocking together and hanging out.  She was good at putting you to sleep during the day.  She cooked us some delicious meals and helped me with things around the house.  It was so nice to have an extra set of hands.  I got spoiled.


On Saturday (of course the day that she left), mama drank a chai tea latte (with soy) and you were very very fussy all afternoon into the night (but you slept at night).  I think the caffeine threw you for a loop.  I have vowed to myself that caffeine will not be a part of my diet while I’m breastfeeding you.

We went for a few long walks and runs in the stroller this week.  You seem to like it because you are instantly asleep once you are in your car seat. On Sunday, you made your first debut at Washington Park.  Daddy ran his long run and you and I ran around the park for a total of 3.35 miles.  You slept the entire time.


You are still eating like a champ.  During the day, you like to eat as much as mama is around; most of the time it’s about every hour.  You can go longer when I’m not around though.  At night, it’s just about every 3 hours.  You are starting to spit up more also.  I guess your digestive system is working better.  I read that once babies reach around 6 weeks, their bowel movements are much less frequent.  That happened to you at the end of this week.  I was worried at first, but then I did some researching and realized it was normal.

I can’t believe next week you will hit the two month milestone.  Time has gone by way too fast.  You are a different baby than we brought home from the hospital in early March.  Part of me wants you to stay this size forever, but another part can’t wait to see all these milestones you’re going to hit.  Our love continues to grow every week.



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