Postpartum Week 7


Dear Aiden,

This week daddy went back to work so we were upstairs all night by ourselves and then alone all day as well.  We did pretty good I think.  On Monday, I was exhausted because we had a few sleeping issues, but by Tuesday night you were better and slept good.  Sleep for you has been off and on all week.  You must still be going through a wonder week or growth spurt.


Speaking of growth spurts, I looked at you one day when I was changing your diaper and wondered to myself, “when did you get so big?”  It’s truly amazing to watch you grow, develop and change almost daily.  You notice new things everyday and your attention span grows.  You are really into black and white objects and pictures lately.  You also LOVE when grandma and I sing you songs. Maybe you’ll be a musician someday – you seem to love music.  You definitely wouldn’t get those musical genes from your mother though!


Sometimes I still look at you and cry tears of happiness.  I grew you in my belly for 9 months and then see you daily now and the whole process of life is incomprehensible for me.  It’s truly such a miracle and so precious.


This week America had a tragedy.  The Boston marathon was bombed and then the area went through terror for 5 days until they caught the responsible men.  It was devastating not only for that area, but for the whole country.  When things like this happen, it really makes me think about how lucky I am for you and our family and how I must never take it for granted.  It also makes me wonder how such an innocent baby can turn into a terrorist?  Babies are so pure and angelic that it’s hard to understand how they could develop into anything different, but I know it happens.  I want to protect you from anything bad and maintain your innocence as long as possible.  There is plenty of time for you to see the world as it is, so I love that you think all is good right now.


I think you’re ready to hit the ground running now.  You like to sit up and view the world from a different perspective.  I think you are tired of laying down now.  Your curiosity is amazing also.  It’s going to be so fun to show you the world and teach you everything!  You are such a clean slate.




I could watch you sleep forever too.  You are so peaceful.


I found this cute shop on Etsy from a few other bloggers that had these for their kids.  Isn’t it the cutest thing ever!?


I love you so much!  We have hard times and blissful times, but nonetheless, despite what’s going on, I wish time would tick just a little bit slower.




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