Postpartum Week 6

Dear Aiden,

This week has been a little more calm.  We got back home from grandma’s on Monday afternoon and from then on, it was just our little family.

It was a fairly uneventful week actually.  You are continuing to grow like a little weed amazing me all the time.  You are also really starting to smile and it just melts my heart.  You’re eating really well still – it varies each day still but we are nursing all the time it seems.  I’m happy that you are a healthy growing boy so I don’t mind.  I was around other moms this week that have babies almost the same age and they are doing the same thing, so I think it’s normal and expected.  Good thing I don’t have to go back to a job next week all day though.  We might be in trouble if that was the case because you don’t leave me much time to pump milk for later times.


You are more awake throughout each day now and are interested in the world around you.  You love looking at fans and can usually watch them for quite a while.  You are still loving your playmat when you are in the mood.  You love to lay all sprawled out on the floor or on top of our bed.  I’m thinking that you are liking being swaddled less and less as the time goes on.  I thought that was supposed to last much longer than six weeks, but it’s your call.  You have outgrown your Halo sleepsacks with swaddles that you used to sleep in.  Your little toes hit the end, so you haven’t been swaddled at night this week.  We still don’t have a nap schedule during the day yet, but we are getting a little closer since you’re awake more.  Our night sleeps have been touch and go.  One night this week, you were awake from about 11:30 am to 3:45 am and then I made daddy take you for a little bit and he had a hard time getting you to sleep too.  You were awake most of the next day too.  We think you were going through a wonder week (5 week olds have a mental leap).


Ashley and Keith came over to BBQ!
Ashley and Keith came over to BBQ!

Here is what you went through this week:

For much of the last 4 or 5 weeks, you have watched your infant grow rapidly. You have become acquainted with each other, and you have learned all of his little ways. His world at this time is hard for adults to imagine. It’s in soft focus and its qualities are undefined—in some ways it has not been so different from his life in your womb.

Now, before the mists that envelop this infant world part and allow him to start making sense of all the impressions that he has been busy absorbing in the last few weeks, he will need to go through his first major developmental leap. At about 5 weeks, and sometimes as early as 4, your baby will begin to take the first leap forward in his development.

New sensations bombard your baby inside and out, and he is usually bewildered by them. Some of these new things have to do with the development of his internal organs and his metabolism. Others are a result of his increased alertness—his senses are more sensitive than they were immediately after birth. So it is not so much the sensations themselves that are changing, but rather the baby’s perceptions of them.


They say these mental leaps cause babies to be fussy, clingy and cry more.  That was definitely what went on for these 24 hours anyways.  The other nights you did great and went back to sleep relatively easily!  Mama was a happy camper.


I’m continuing to do well also.  I started exercising this week by running/walking one day and then doing the Insanity circuit training workouts three other days.  I’m so sore it’s ridiculous, but I feel good working out and I’m excited to get this initial soreness out of the way.  Besides the muscle soreness and lower back achiness from working out, I feel great!  The tiredness is becoming part of life and I’m able to function most days now.  David signed me up to do a 5k run on May 18 (a little over a month away), so I have some training to do.


We also attended our first mom’s group this week.  I was so excited.  I always wanted to be part of a mom’s playgroup!  We will definitely continue to go to those even though you just wanted to eat the entire time.  There were two other babies your same age that did the same thing.


Tomorrow you are six weeks old.  I am feeling really sad today that these six weeks passed so quickly and daddy goes back to work tomorrow.  It seemed like an eternity away, but now it’s here.  We’re going to miss him during the day, but it’s time we figure out how “real” life is going to be.  We’ll do our best!  I also feel nostalgic that my labor and delivery with you is over and we are well on our way.  I looked forward to the day I was going to meet you for so long and just like that it’s over.  There are plenty more things to look forward to though.  Just seeing you grow each day makes me the happiest mom alive.

I love these lil pants!
And because I can't forget this child!
And because I can’t forget this child!


I love being a mom each and everyday and I thank God  for all I have been blessed with!

Love, Mommy

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