21 Graces: Week 1

On Jordy Liz Blogs, she does a series called 21 Graces every week where she writes down 21 things that she’s thankful for.  I really enjoy reading hers each week, so I decided to do my own.

21 Graces – Week 1

1. Baby smiles

2. A helpful husband

3. Peaceful baby

4. My mom’s unconditional love

5. Getting back to exercise

6. Feeling almost “back to normal”

7. Megan bringing us a wonderful meal

8. Chai tea lattes

9. Homemade ice cream

10. Breastfeeding

11. Sun shine

12. Warmer temperatures on the horizon

13. Waiting for other friends to go into labor

14. Otis getting more used to Aiden

15. Mom’s group

16. My job as an acupuncturist

17. Aiden snuggling with me

18. Laughing with David

19.  Clothes that are SLOWLY fitting better

20. Naps

21. Watching David and Aiden together

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