Monthly Archives: April 2013

Postpartum Week 8

Dear Aiden, This week was incredible.  We actually noticed differences in your development each day.  I am around you so much that I don’t notice your growth on a daily basis. Its when I lift you one time and realize how heavy you are or long you’ve gotten.  This week you’ve made leaps and boundsContinue Reading

The Unspoken Truth About Postpartum

I want to touch on a subject that I feel is placed on the backburner of pregnancy, babies and labor and delivery topics- the postpartum period. This is my own experience and opinions and every women has a different experience. Women go through pregnancy and the end result is a beautiful little bundle of joy.Continue Reading

21 Graces – Week 2

1. Mom coming into town 2. Just David and I going out to dinner 3. Beautiful weather this weekend 4. Running 5. Rice krispie treats 6. Baby squeals 7. New cute onesie 8. Friends to get advice from 9. The wellness center 10. Working for myself 11. Sleeping baby 12. My camera 13. Aiden likingContinue Reading