Postpartum Week 4

Dear Aiden,

This week you’ll be a month old!  Holy cow.

You have definitely grown a ton this week.  We went to the pediatrician and you gained 8.5 ounces in 8 days!  I was worried that my milk supply was down a little bit and that you were hungry because you wanted to eat so often (like every hour).  Turns out you were just going through a growth spurt.  That made mommy’s day!  You still have skinny little arms and legs, so I’m not positive where the weight is going exactly.  I think your face has filled out a little more this week and without doubt you are longer.  Your sleepers used to be way too long to the point that your little feet wouldn’t fit in the foot area, but now they are almost getting a little short.  You are awake much more this week showing us your gorgeous big blue eyes.  You are constantly looking around trying to make sense of this world around you.  You are continuously getting stronger as well.  You can mostly hold your head up now with very little help from me.  Your little arms and legs are can kick and swat pretty darn hard too.

You had your very first holiday today – Easter.  We had grandpa Lenny and grandma Nancy at our house and we made food and hung out all day.  Grandpa Lenny drove here all the way from Sacramento in one day to see you.  I don’t think he could wait any longer to meet you.

Grandma Nancy bought you a swing this week.  It soothes you for a while when you aren’t hungry or wet/dirty.  Since your appetite has been ravenous this week, you and I have been spending lots and lots of quality time together this week.  You used to only like to eat for 20 minutes total and now you like to eat for like an hour – quite the difference.

Our sleep is still all over the place.  Some nights you’ll sleep for 3.5-4 hours straight and other nights, we are up and down every 2 hours.  Your best sleep is from about 10 pm- 2 am.  We usually get our longest stretch somewhere in that ballpark of a timeframe.  After our early morning feeding you refuse to go back in your little bed, so you and I lay in my bed with you on my chest.  It’s actually my favorite time of the day.  I love you sleeping so peacefully while we are heart to heart.

You are continuing to like your playmat.  Sometimes I think you fuss a little bit because you are understimulated.  Mommy needs to step up her game to keep up with your development.  We will start to read more books, have more conversations and play more on the floor.

Another blogger had her baby this week and he ended up having pulmonary hypertension and is staying in the NICU.  It really hit me hard as I looked at you healthy as can be.  I have been counting my blessings ever since and I thank God that you are healthy.  Having a sick child has to be one of the hardest things I can imagine.  Thankfully at four weeks I don’t foresee that in our future.

We got our newborn pictures back from Alicia and they are amazing.  I absolutely love love love the birth pictures.  They really capture the time I spent in labor and then the moments after you were born.  These are things I never ever want to forget, so I’m so grateful that she was there with us.  The newborn pictures are also amazing and we finally have a family photo with mommy, daddy, you and Otis.  I can’t wait to frame it.

I’m continuing to feel better each week also.  This week, my lower back pain got better but today it is a little sore.  I haven’t done acupuncture on myself for a couple of days, so I’m going to resume that again.  I had that itchy skin thing going on that I had during my pregnancy (PUPPP).  It’s really weird.  It might just be dry skin or a hormonal thing.  It got a little better at the end of the week.  Other than that… still getting stronger.  I have started walking a couple of miles each day which I really enjoy.

This coming week we have a big one.  Mommy goes to her postpartum check up and we are traveling to Dillon to great Aunt Penny and great Uncle Jim’s cabin for a couple of days and then this weekend we are visiting my hometown, Scottsbluff so you can meet your great grandparents!  Great Grandma Delores couldn’t be happier to meet you.  She asks grandma everyday about you:)

That’s about it for this week!



Here’s a few of the pictures I really like:
























AWP_5455screenwm Thank you so much Alicia!!  We absolutely love them:)

For more pictures, go to Aiden’s site.


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  1. You are so so welcome for the photos! I thoroughly enjoyed capturing these special moments for your sweet family. It’s by far one of my most favorite stories I’ve had the opportunity to capture through photos. Soak up every moment with that little guy!

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