Postpartum: Week 1

I can’t believe that it’s been one week today since my little peanut was born.  I’m already freaking out that time is going by too quickly and I just want time to stand still.

I’m not sure exactly how I want to do these posts, so I’m kinda winging it.

Aiden is doing great.  He is a great baby so far and we couldn’t be enjoying him more.  He is healthy as can be thank God.

We stayed in the hospital until Wednesday afternoon and then we were set free to figure out our new life.

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Aiden is a pretty good sleeper thus far.  He slept all the time in the hospital (obviously being a newborn) and still a week later sleeps quite a bit, although I have noticed him waking up more in the latter days of the week.  We wake up about 3-4 times per night to breastfeed and then he usually goes right back to sleep.  Last night, he was a little harder to get back to sleep though.


He was obviously eating colostrum the first few days of his life until my milk came in on Friday, so it took about 4 days.  When we took him home from the hospital, we noticed that he hadn’t had a wet diaper since Tuesday night.  He was going poop just fine though.  Until day 6 of their life, newborns are supposed to have a wet diaper the number of days they are old.  I called the pediatrician and they told me to come in for the checkup a day early.  The pediatrician determined that he was dehydrated and that until my milk came in, I should supplement with about 30 mL of formula after each feeding.  They reassured me that Aiden wouldn’t be confused with my nipple if we kept up with the breastfeeding as well.  He peed by about 12 am and then we stopped with the formula the next morning.

Ever since then, we have been doing well with the breastfeeding.  He eats about every 2-3 hours for about 20 minutes.  I have noticed him being more hungry and letting me know more easily by the end of the week.

In the hospital, the pediatrician noticed that he was a little bit tongue tied and warned us that while it is probably no big deal, it could possibly interfere with our feedings or speech later on in life.  He said that they could easily clip it and that issue would be dealt with.  There are very little nerve endings or blood vessels in this area, so it wouldn’t even be felt by Aiden.  We decided that we should get this done and so we went back to the pediatrician’s office on Friday morning and within 5 minutes, the procedure was finished and he was just fine.  It worried me way more than it bothered him!

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I am feeling pretty good considering I gave birth a week ago and pushed for 15 minutes getting a few tears. I was really really sore down there for the first about 5 days barely able to get up from the couch, move around or walk.  Now, I still feel sore, but it’s manageable and each day, it gets better.  I can honestly say I was shocked at the amount of blood that came out of me when I delivered and the days after.  I am still bleeding now and I can’t wait for it to stop.

I’m tired, but I’m trying to remember that I only get these days one time and just to cherish them.  I love being with Aiden, but now it’s been 8 days since I’ve gotten a good nights sleep and I love my sleep!  Considering how much I love sleep, I’m doing okay.  I’m starting to lose patience with Otis though.  He is constantly interested in the baby and licking everything.  He might make me lose my mind.  It’s probably a hormonal shift as well.  I also cried at the beginning of the week several times because I could not grasp how happy I am!

I have lost about 17 lbs. out of the 38ish I gained during my pregnancy.  I lose a little more each day, so that’s good.  My stomach is definitely flabby right now as I have lost all my stomach muscles.  I don’t care for now though.  I know they’ll come back later.

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We definitely don’t have a schedule yet.  I’m in pure survival mode just trying to keep my newborn healthy and happy.  My mom has been a saving grace and has helped us more than words can say.  She takes the baby in the early mornings so I can sleep for a couple of uninterrupted hours.  Our schedule right now consists of eating, feeding Aiden and trying to get as much sleep as possible.

I am doing acupuncture on myself almost daily to help speed up the recovery process and keep my energy up.  I also have done moxibustion (a warmed herb) a couple of times.  This brings warmth back into the mother’s body and helps speed recovery and get strength back.  I think it’s helping a ton.  I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins, DHA and iron because I was anemic again in the hospital.  I am having to give myself lovenox shots and take coumadin for the blood clotting disorder that runs in my family.  I’ll be getting off the lovenox soon and then it’s just coumadin for the remaining five weeks.


We also got our newborn pictures taken this week!  I can hardly wait to see them:)


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