Nursery: Final Tour

Hey!  This post is a little late today, but I had some other business to tend to like going to the midwives’ office early this morning.  I have apparently developed pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).  It’s harmless, but incredibly annoying because I’m so itchy!  Coconut oil lathered all over my body makes it manageable though.  I also found out today that since Wednesday, my blood pressure is 110/90 (120/80) is normal, so it it ever so slightly elevated.  They also found a trace of protein in my urine, so that put the fetal monitor on me and took some blood as well.  The blood work is fine, but they want me to take it easy for the next few days and then go back for a blood pressure check on Thursday.

Another surreal thing happened this weekend – the prenatal yoga teacher at the Pregnancy Wellness Center had her baby on Sunday and she and I had the same due date!  It really hit me that Aiden is coming!

I haven’t totally filled you all in on the nursery, so I thought I’d do that today.

DSC00116 The entire room overview.



My sister and mom gave us these pictures.  My mom hand-painted the frames and the pictures were really taken from a safari in Africa!

This is our glider for Aiden’s room.  We also bought a big rocking chair for the living room.  My mom and I created the “1, 2, 3” pictures in the corner.  We just took scrapbooking paper and cut out the numbers and then taped them on different scrapbooking paper and framed them.  Super easy.

All his books came from my baby shower.  My guests were asked to bring a book in lieu of a card, so we have plenty of books now!

DSC00118 The dresser is the one that we painted with Annie Sloan paint.  It was actually my mom’s when she was a little girl!  We painted it and got new hardware and it’s as good as new.  The “1, 2, 3” containers came from Ikea.



We bought the crib from Amazon as well.  The blankets and stuffed animals will be coming out when he is big enough to sleep in it.  We are having him sleep in our room for awhile after he is born.  Otis LOVES the mobile too!  He is able to get the little stuffed animals off of it, but luckily they fall into the crib when he bites them!  Naughty boy.

This is a peek inside the closet.  We feel that he’s already got a lot of clothes and diapers!



This is what he’ll be sleeping in in our room for the first couple of months.



At the baby shower, my mom made this calendar that asked my guests to guess when Aiden will be born!  I’m thinking my sister (Brittany) on March 7th has a good chance.  In my mind, I just have a feeling that could be the day!


There’s the nursery! I hope he likes it haha.

When do you think Aiden will be born?!

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