My Pregnancy Journey: Week 38


DSC00126 Size of Baby: Watermelon (6.5 lbs. and 19-22 in.)

Weight Gain: I didn’t gain any weight at the doctor last week and on my scale at home, I’ve gained about 34 lbs. total.

How I’m Feeling: Honestly, this hasn’t been the prettiest week.  It started great.  I went to the doctor and everything was perfect.  Aiden’s heart rate, his position, my energy, etc.  I left the appointment feeling like everything was right on track and this was going to end wonderful.  My midwife reassured me that a natural birth was the way to go and how great I’d feel afterwards.  I left feeling great.

The rest of the week, I walked, worked, and rested and was still feeling good.  Then the weekend hit.  I started to get really itchy and not just on my stomach as I have in weeks past.  It was all over my legs and arms too!  It was the ultimate annoyance.  On Sunday, it was snowing really hard here, so David and I rested and relaxed all day.  I felt nauseous and slightly dizzy for a couple hours and then I actually vomited, which hadn’t happened in months.  I started researching how to make pregnancy itching go away and of course, got myself all freaked out and convinced I had cholestasis (a liver condition).  I finally called the midwife Sunday night and she told me to go into the office Monday morning to reassure myself with a blood test that everything was okay.

I went into the office Monday morning and they decided it was something called pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).  It’s a harmless condition, but can be uncomfortable.  I have been lathering coconut oil all over it and that really seems to help a ton!  In the process of my appointment, they discovered that my blood pressure was 110/90 (slightly high) and there was a trace of protein in my urine.  They tested my blood and it was still normal thank God!  They also put the fetal monitor on me and Aiden was happy as can be still also.  They are re-checking me on Thursday this week and we’ll go from there.

I have been on reduced activity since Monday, which is honestly okay.  I was probably going too hard and needed to be told to settle down a little bit.  I just got done cleaning the kitchen and my bedroom and I started to feel a little dizzy again.

I’m so far along that I feel like everything will be okay, but I’m really hoping that I am able to go into labor naturally and avoid induction!

Doctor’s Appointment:  I went twice this week.  I got my strep B results back and that’s negative, so that was good.  I had the emergency appointment on Monday where they determined my blood pressure was a little bit elevated.

What I’m Eating:  Since determining my blood pressure is elevated, I am avoiding salt and greasy foods with all costs.  I don’t want that adding even a point to the blood pressure, so it’s light and healthy foods for me all the way.  I have been loving my crock pot oatmeal with Chobani greek yogurt.  I should probably cut back on the dairy a little bit though.  I’m also craving sandwiches too!

Exercise: I walked 2.5 and 3 miles a couple of times this week and felt great doing it before I made the turn during the weekend.  I haven’t walked for 3 days now and I’m honestly okay with it.  My midwife said that I could still walk little bits (which I’m not sure how much that actually is), but I really haven’t felt up for it and it’s cold and snowy here!

Baby Purchases:  None this week!

Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to my appointment on Thursday to determine what is going on now.  Maybe it was just a fluke and everything will be back to normal on Thursday and I can resume a normal pregnancy.  I’m also looking forward to labor and delivery and meeting Aiden.  I can’t lie though… I am a little bit nervous about everything too!


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