My Pregnancy Journey: Week 36

Size of Baby: Watermelon (6.5 lbs. and 19-22 in.)

Weight Gain: I didn’t weigh myself yet this week.  I am planning on doing it at the doctor this week.

How I’m Feeling: We actually had a very emotional situation in our family this week.  I’m not going to discuss it here, but I feel mixed emotions like I’ve never felt before.  So, I guess emotionally, I’m feeling a little blah.  Everything is going to be okay with time!

With myself, I am having such contradicting feelings!  I am ready for this pregnancy to be over, but I want Aiden to stay inside of me for 9 more months.  I’m uncomfortable and big, but I don’t feel ready to be a mom yet sometimes. Ai yi yi… I go through these feelings daily.  I’m excited and scared all at once.  I’m a hormonal mess.

I started having intense leg cramps on Sunday this week.  I couldn’t walk for half the day and they followed me into the night.  I think they are worse with stress too.  I drank some magnesium/calcium which helped but actually only temporarily.  I had some the next morning as well and that helped for most of the day.  Oddly, my bed is the only place where I feel okay.  I guess it’s just the extra weight or something.  The groin pain on my right side has been occurring more frequently when I walk.  I’m pretty sure Aiden is pressing on some nerve or something because it’s definitely a “nervy” type pain.

I have the usual heartburn (but I think it was worse) and round ligament pain occasionally.

I have been fighting fatigue followed by days where my energy is fine.  I really need to listen to my body about the walking.  Three miles is just too long for me these days without feeling totally wiped out for the day.  I had this a couple weeks ago and then I got some energy back and resumed the three miles, but at this stage in the game, I just need to stop.  It’s funny that I measure my energy level and fitness benchmark with a three mile walk these days!  Gone are the days where I used to run 18 mile runs!

I’ve been feeling pressure down there and some menstrual like cramps at times a couple days this week… I wonder if something is going on!

Other than that, I think that’s about it for the symptoms.

Doctor’s Appointment:  I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this past week.  Today, I get the Group Strep B test.

What I’m Eating:  I guess my “new” normal.  It was my birthday week, so I ate some treats for sure, but I ate anything and everything else too.  I have been loving fruit and malt-o-meal that’s for sure.  I don’t really have any aversions anymore either…

Exercise: I walked 4 miles two days (split up) and then 3 miles a couple days and then like 1.5 miles a couple days.  At the beginning of this week, I didn’t walk at all due to the leg cramps.

Baby Purchases:  We bought a mobile, Aden + Anais swaddles and a big box of wipes.  I AM NOT BUYING ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL HE COMES!  I have to keep reminding myself.

Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to labor and meeting Aiden.  I feel so lucky that my pregnancy is coming to an end and Aiden is healthy thus far.  I also feel grief and sadness due to the events that went on in our family though.

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  1. Sorry you are feeling stress at this time. Excited for you to meet your baby soon! He will be on those 18 mile runs with us in no time! 🙂

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