Friday Favorites


I am in the midst of airport runs, running errands for the shower, and spending time with family!  I’m so excited for this weekend.  I’ve been anticipating this weekend for a looooong time!  With that said, here are this week’s Friday favorites!

Favorite Infographic.  I get this question a lot… “which produce should I buy organic?”  Well here is an easy little list that outlines the dirty dozen for you.  Try to buy these fruits and veggies organic and don’t worry about the clean fifteen.


Favorite Homemade Snack.  These homemade fruit snacks only contain a measly 4 ingredients (all of which are whole): strawberries, gelatin, honey and lemon juice.  I have been on a fruit snack kick, but they really are about like eating candy with all the processed sugar preservatives.  These are a much better option!  There is no reason fruit snacks shouldn’t be healthy!


Favorite Cute Decor Idea. These DIY glitter mason jars for makeup brushes are adorable.  I think I must be on a glitter kick because everything sparkly was hitting my eye this week!  I normally loathe clutter on the bathroom countertops, but I think these would even be okay! 148689225169297196_iVJzJJKt_c

Favorite Lip Gloss.  This Nars lip gloss, called orgasm, is a peachy gold shimmer.  There’s that shimmer again!

Favorite Healthy Cookies. Here we have “Eating Bird Food’s” new and improved healthy no bake cookies.   They only have a few ingredients in them as well and they are ingredients that most people have around the house.  They are easy peasy to make and there is no oven required!  These cookies will work for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or whenever you’re feeling the need!

Favorite breakfast.  This is a make-ahead fruit and yogurt breakfast parfait.  I have been craving dairy and fruit like it’s no one’s business, so this looks like a perfect breakfast for me (and you!).  You prep it the night before and there it is ready to go in the morning.  You could be as creative as you wanted with this one too… maybe sprinkling a little granola or cereal in there too.


Favorite flowers. I just saw these and remembered how much I love peonies!  They were my wedding flowers and my love for them still hasn’t subsided.


Favorite cupcakes.  I just think these are beautiful!  I love pink and brown together and the pearl balls top it off!


That’s it for the Friday favorites!  I hope you all have a great weekend and the weather holds up wherever you are.  I’ll be back on Monday with a recap of the weekend and all the festivities.

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