Pregnancy Journey: Week 34


Excuse the tired, greasy hair pictures this week!

Size of Baby: Large Cantaloupe! (19-22 in., 5.5 lbs.)

Weight Gain: I finally weighed myself and in the last three weeks, I’ve gained about 4 lbs. for a total of about 29 lbs.  I feel okay about this number.  I think it’s healthy.  I am, however, hoping that it comes off though.

How I’m Feeling: Not too much different this week… exhaustion alternated with more energy.  There are days I could conquer the world and feel like my old self and then they are usually followed by days where all I want to do is take a nap!  I guess this is probably normal in these weeks of pregnancy.

When I do too much (like housework), my back tends to feel “tired.”  I wouldn’t call it pain really, but it feels like it needs to rest.  Sometimes I have sharp pains in my sciatic nerve on the right side, but it’s nothing that stops me.  It comes and goes I’m assuming based on where Aiden is inside.

Heartburn is the usual… dairy really does it to me.  I need to stop eating dairy, but it just sounds so darn good.

My stomach is feeling full!  Sometimes I feel like he wants to invade my heart, which feels like a panic attack.  This has been going on for probably 1.5 months now periodically.  It’s okay, but not the most comfortable feeling in the world.  Other times (especially when I’m walking), I feel like he’s going to fall out.  There is so much pressure down there.

I obviously have to pee all the time too… nothing out of the ordinary for a very pregnant girl!

Sleep continues to be hit or miss.  There are nights when I literally toss and turn the entire night trying to get comfortable.  I am just straight uncomfortable when I’m trying to get comfortable.  I finally tried the body pillow again (it didn’t feel good months ago) and that’s a necessity now.  It really helps keep me on one side for a lot longer without feeling the need to toss over.  My limbs also fall asleep easier and my hips hurt when I lay on them for too long.  Ai Yi Yi!!

Doctor’s Appointment:  No doctor’s appointment this week, but we did meet with our doula.  David and I are so blessed to have found her!  She’s great and I think she’ll be so helpful during labor and delivery.  We are meeting with her one more time in February before the big day to finalize my birth wishes.  I have two doctor’s appointments next week.  I have to do a routine visit and then I have to meet with Dr. Wilk about taking coumadin after delivery for my factor V.  I wish I didn’t have to go through that, but I supposed it’s only 6 weeks and will be okay.

What I’m Eating:  I am loving pancakes and dairy foods right now.  I love fro-yo and Greek yogurt.  I suppose this isn’t different than normal though.  I also can’t get enough fruit again.  Other than that, I’m trying to eat salads, chicken and some other somewhat healthy foods.  I still love my sugar, but it’s getting better I think…  I actually think I’m eating less now.  There isn’t enough room for food anymore.

Exercise: I’ve been walking as usual.  I have been splitting up the walks and I’m really liking it.  I have much more energy throughout the day and can muster up the energy later in the day to walk a little more.  One day I actually did 4 miles total.  I’ve been averaging about 2.5-3 every day though.  I’ve been doing some cat/cow exercises, pelvic tilts and hip openers to also get ready for the big day.

Baby Purchases:  Hmmm… I don’t think there were really any this week.  We received some shower gifts in the mail.  We got some Dr. Suess books, bibs, stuffed animal and some little bowls and spoons.  I did do some work in the nursery and I still need to give you an update!

Looking Forward To: My baby shower is this weekend and I’m so excited to have everyone come into town and see everyone else.  We are also doing a little birthday celebration too (and Superbowl).  There are a lot of festivities this weekend!

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