Pregnancy Journey: Week 33

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Size of Baby: Pineapple! (19-22 in., 4.9 lbs.)

Weight Gain: The doctors weighed me last Wednesday and from two weeks ago, I had gained 1 lb.  I think I’m about 29 lbs. heavier than when I started.

How I’m Feeling: I’m really feeling pretty good!  I had some extreme exhaustion on some of the days, but I walked about 3 miles 12 days in a row and I took a break on Sunday and I felt great!  I felt like my old self almost, so I determined that the 3 mile walks might be getting to be too much.  I think I’m going to start splitting them up between the morning and evening because I don’t want to give up on them just yet.

I’m in total anticipation mode!  I am literally looking at the calendar wondering when he’ll come!  I am also excited for my shower.  I can’t wait to see everyone for that either.  I’m trying to do things to keep my mind occupied, but AHHH I can’t wait for March.

I’ve still been having a few bouts of round ligament pain, but not quite as bad as the weeks before.  I had a little bit of the groin pain again but it only lasts momentarily.  I can tell that my pelvis is shifting and things are moving.  My ribs are right sometimes too.

Sleep is getting harder and harder… I’m big and uncomfortable, have to pee all night, and then my arms fall asleep all night!

I feel like he’s taken over my entire torso!  Sometimes it feels like he really wants to invade my heart and other times it feels like he’s ready to fall out.  Weird sensations!

Doctor’s Appointment:  I had a midwife appointment this week.  She said I was measuring at 32 weeks, which due to the due date discrepancy, that makes sense.  It’s still up in the air if the due date is March 3 or March 10.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see when Aiden is ready.  I’m obviously hoping for the earlier date, but I want him to be ready.  I also got the tDAP vaccine at this appointment.  It made me nervous, but they reassured me it was the right thing to do.  I declined the flu vaccine and have been beating myself up all week about whether I should or shouldn’t get it.  I know this flu season is terrible, but I’m petrified to put that in my body while I’m pregnant.  I’m taking lots of precautions not to get the flu such as essential oils, acupuncture, eating lots of nutrients, taking my prenatal vitamin and DHA, and washing my hands and sanitizing them like a crazy person!  Since I’m at home a lot, I’m not as worried about it as if I worked in an office or something.  David also works from home, so he’s less likely to bring it in.

What I’m Eating:  I’m getting over my cereal addiction, although I still ate it quite a bit this week.  It just isn’t tasting as good.  Smoothies, on the other hand, are my best friend.  I can’t get enough of them!  I also love frozen yogurt and other sweets.  I’m trying to ward off the sugar still, but man it’s hard.  I have been eating a lot of fruits too.  Food just isn’t tasting as good still.

Exercise: I walked 3 miles everyday for 12 days straight and then I only walked about 1.5 miles on Sunday.  I split up the 3 miles on Monday and I felt like a new person.  I had much more energy, which was great.  I was feeling like a real slug for a couple of those days.  It completely wiped me out to the point that’s all I really could do for those days.  I feel better about what’s going on now though!  I’m going to keep on trudging along.

Baby Purchases:  David and I went to Target and they were having a clearance for baby stuff so we bought a few onesies and the receiving blankets.  We also bought two boxes of diapers.  One box was newborn and the other was size 1.  We are getting there:)

Image I’m going to have a few extra pregnancy posts soon about the birth plan, doulas, my to-do list for Aiden’s arrival, etc. so stay tuned!


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