Pregnancy Journey: Week 30

I can’t believe we’re in the 30’s!  When I used to hear women say they were in the 30’s, it seemed like they were so far along and their journey was almost over.  While I do feel like it’s coming to an end, I still feel like we’ve got some time.  I can’t imagine getting bigger than I am now.  My skin feels like it’s stretched to the max!


Size of Baby: Head of Lettuce (18 in., 3.2 lbs.)

Weight Gain: +2 lbs. in 2 weeks for a total of 25 lbs.  I lost 1.5 lbs. according to my scale from yesterday to today, so I know there’s a lot of water weight fluctuation in there…

How I’m Feeling: Not too much different from last week.  I still have heartburn, round ligament pain and feel lots of movement.  I am having a hard time distinguishing the baby’s movement from Braxton Hick’s contractions.  I think I’m definitely feeling the contractions a lot because I feel my stomach tighten and then release.  There is no pain associated, but lots of sensation.  It’s definitely interesting.

Emotions are still heightened but I expect that’s not going away anytime soon.  I am ultra sensitive and get irritated over things that should not bother me.  It’s much better than it was a few weeks ago when I was crying over the drop of a hat.  I don’t even think I cried this week… just felt a little down a few times.  It helped that we were with my family and I was entertained for the weekend.  I also found a place to start my acupuncture practice which has kept me busy and boosted my spirits.  I’m so happy to have something to focus my attention on the next two months because I was fearful that it was going to get long, lonely, uncomfortable and boring just waiting for Mr. Aiden to come!

I was walking on the treadmill one day this week and I started feeling really hungry!  I had eaten breakfast just before going, so I thought that was sufficient.  I walked another 15 or so minutes and by the end, I actually felt really weak and exhausted.  Lesson learned that I need to listen to my body.  On that same page, I have been so hungry this week!  He must (hopefully) be going through a growth spurt because I have to eat all the time or nausea ensues.

Sleep is another bit of an issue.  I have been feeling pretty fatigued this week.  I’m having a hard time getting comfortable in the middle of the night.  I have tossed and turned my whole life and I’m used to that.  I barely wake up, but switch positions frequently.  Now with this belly, switching positions is an athletic event and definitely wakes me up.  I guess I’m getting ready for the baby…

I’m having some discomfort in my back near my ribs when I sit in chairs too long.  Maybe my ribs are expanding?  My lungs and stomach are also compressed, so I like standing or leaning back when sitting.  I also feel like I ran a marathon when I go up a flight of stairs.

Pregnancy is humbling.

Doctor’s Appointment:  I didn’t have an appointment this week… next week though.


What I’m Eating:  Like I said, I’m starving all the time.  I still haven’t been eating as healthy as I should be.  I ate salads and stir frys a couple times this week, but I also ate a little too much sugar and fat again!  This is the week that I get better.  I’ll be home and the holidays are over.  With that said, my stomach and lungs are so compressed, that I can’t eat that much in a sitting, so I think my portions are fine.

Exercise: Walking still…  I had a couple of days when I walked 4.5-5 miles split up between the treadmill and walking Otis.  I love walking so much!  I really try to at least get 3 miles in nearly every day.  No weights though…

Baby Purchases:  We got a baby carrier from my sister and her husband and a bassinet-type thing for next to the bed when the baby is a newborn.  We also put the stroller and high chair together.  We also got some swaddles, toys and blankets.  I think this next week we’ll get a lot more done with the nursery and it’ll be almost baby ready.  I’m still struggling with the cloth diapers.  I really want to use cloth diapers, but everytime I try to research brands and such, I get overwhelmed and decide that I have enough time to push it to the back-burner.  I think I’m going to take a cloth diaper class for $20.  I need help!


Other than that, I’m excited to go to the midwife next week and I’m happy that I don’t have lower back pain (knock on wood) and that I can still walk a ton.

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    • Thanks! Haha… yeah heartburn isn’t very fun, but mine hasn’t been too severe. I can usually just wait it out and it’ll go away. I hope yours isn’t too intense.

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