Friday Favorites

I’m finally back with some Friday favorites!  It’s been a couple of weeks, but I definitely found some this week.  This week flew by with trying to get a bunch of stuff done for Denver Acupuncture and Wellness.  Who knew there was so much to do when starting a new business?! Just kidding.  I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Without further adieu, here are my Friday favorites…

Favorite fusion food. Bacon Cheeseburger Eggrolls.  I’ve been in a big Asian food/hamburger kick lately, so this goes perfectly together.  I’m not sure I would add the bacon to this recipe.  I’m not a huge bacon cheeseburger fan, but cheeseburgers or hamburgers, I could eat any day of the week.  These would make a great Super Bowl finger food!



Favorite saying. This is a great reminder of the freshness of a new year.  Make this one a great one!


Favorite earrings from Etsy.  Aren’t these so cute?!  And how much do you love Etsy?  I absolutely adore Etsy.

Favorite seasonal dessert.  No Bake Berry Oreo Cheesecake Bites.  I happen to love Valentine’s Day and not for the obligatory gift giving to prove that you love someone, but because I love the colors and in Elementary school, the Valentine’s Day party was always my favorite.  I loved searching for really cute valentines for my classmates and making my Valentines mailbox out of a milk carton and even though those days are over, I have great memories of it.  My birthday also happens to be in February, so I have a fond likeness for the month.


Favorite side dish.  Avocado fries.  I love avocados and I love fries, so why not combine them and create these!?


Favorite breakfast creation.  French toast bake.  I am really craving breakfast foods especially in form of bread and carbs.  This looks really really good and I might have to make some this weekend!  I’ll probably accidentally eat the whole pan too, but then I’ll go for a long carb fueled walk.


Favorite bedding. Anthropologie’s Georgina Bedding.  I’m obsessed with Anthropologie’s home section anyways and especially their bedding, but this is gorgeous!  I love their shabvy chic style.  However, I don’t feel like David would really share my same enthusiasm.


Favorite kitchen DIY idea. Button towels.  I hate when towels end up on the floor in the kitchen, so this is a perfect idea.  They would even be Otis and baby proof.  When Otis gets mad at us, he really likes to go into the kitchen and rip off the towels on the oven.  He’s a spiteful little one sometimes!


Favorite decadent dessert.  Chocolate chip cookie dough cake.  I’ve been bad with craving sugar lately, so obviously this looks amazing.

Favorite drink idea. I think since I’ve been pregnant that I’ve forgotten about blended drinks, but this caught my eye because there is no alcohol in it, although I’m sure some vodka or rum would go nicely in it.  All you do is blend 1 can frozen limeade, 1/2 can Sprite, 2 cups frozen strawberries, and the pulp of two limes.  Easy peasy.


Favorite heart melting picture. Dog meets baby.  This picture just melts my heart.  I really hope that Otis loves the baby instead of being jealous of him.  I don’t want him to feel displaced.  I know I’m a weirdo that loves my dog too much, but I don’t want him to feel replaced:(  Let’s just hope for this scenario!

17451517277088985_J5qnkBsY_c That’s all for this week.  I think David and I are laying low.  We don’t have any real plans other than a few marketing projects.  I’m going to lunch with a friend and working on Aiden’s nursery a little bit too.  AND… taking lots of naps.  I’ve been on the verge of exhaustion lately. I hope you all have a great weekend.


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