Pregnancy Journey: Week 29

It feels soooo weird that it’s Wednesday today.  My days are all screwed up from Christmas.  My sister and her husband are coming to celebrate our family Christmas this weekend, so that further messes me up!  Anyways, without further adieu, here is the happenings from week 29 of pregnancy!


Size of Baby: Butternut squash (17 in., 3.1 lbs.)

Weight Gain: I am not weighing myself this week because of Christmas.  I know that I overate as I’m sure most people do.  I know the scale is probably not going to be my friend, so I’ll just eat healthy and exercise and it’ll all work out instead of looking at the scale.  I think total it’s about 23 lbs. by now (or should be).

How I’m Feeling: I felt pretty good this week.  I did have the usual round ligament pain and heartburn.  As for the round ligament pain, it was definitely weight lifting that made it the worst.  Walking is fine as long as I don’t go too fast.  The heartburn was better this week as well, as I only got it a couple of times.

I either have bad allergies right now or a head cold because my nose is like a faucet all of a sudden!

I was feeling irritable at times, but it was Christmas and we were at my mom’s house and that always makes me happy, so I didn’t feel too emotional this week either.

One unwanted symptom returned twice this week though… nausea.  I waited too long to eat both times, but I felt a little like I did in the first trimester.  As long as I remember to eat regularly, I’m just fine though!

I am definitely growing a ton!  My grandma noticed it a lot since Thanksgiving even…  I’m a little sad that I can’t do lunges and squats because my legs are feeling gross, dimply, and flabby.  I guess that’ll be more motivation once the baby does come.  I only have 10 weeks left now, so I’m just trying to embrace it for what it is… it’s not the rest of my life.

Aiden is moving like crazy in there too…  a few times he has even taken my breath away literally.  I still love to feel him in there though.

My belly button is nearly flat now also!


Doctor’s Appointment:  I had my gestational diabetes test this week and never heard any news from it, so I’m guessing no news is good news!  The appointment went just fine.  I measured at 29 weeks on the dot.  The doctors have had a discrepancy with my due date for my entire pregnancy.  They are not sure whether the due date is March 3rd or March 10th.  No one really thinks that it matters a whole lot though.  He does always measure for the March 3rd date however.  The appointments are every two weeks now.

What I’m Eating:  It was the week of Christmas and this year we are having two Christmases because Brittany and Dave spent real Christmas with his family, so we’re doing ours the weekend of the 28th.  This means that there was way too much sugar and fat consumed point blank.  That probably answers the “what I’m eating” question… too much of everything.

Exercise: I walked a ton this week.  One day I walked 5 miles broken up and felt great.  At this point in the pregnancy, there are definitely days when I don’t want to stop walking ever I feel so great and days where I feel like I’m dragging 25 extra lbs. with me.  The two days after the 5 mile day, I was dragging.  My mom gave me a walking video for indoors that says that it’s 3 miles.  I’m not sure I totally feel like it’s 3 miles, but it’s better than nothing because the past two days, it’s been much too cold to go outside and I was in Scottsbluff, NE without a gym membership.

Baby Purchases:  For Christmas, we got a highchair from David’s family, a Land’s End diaper bag for day trips that was recommended, and some baby clothes and toys so far.  We are opening a few more gifts next weekend that I know are baby stuff!

IMG_1487 Remember when I thought I was starting to show here?



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