Pregnancy Journey: Week 28



Size of Baby: Head of Cauliflower (17 in., 2.9 lbs)

Weight Gain: +1.5.  I guess this is okay.  It could be water weight from the Chinese food I ate last night.


Look how LOW I”m carrying him!!


How I’m Feeling: Emotional!  I don’t know what has come over me the past few weeks (oh yeah, hormones), but I feel irritable and sad at the littlest things.  I’m very touchy, which is hard on a relationship, but we’re doing okay.  The last few days of the week were fine.  I really want to feel back to myself though!!  I have so much to be happy for and yet, I seem to dwell on the negative things in my life.

I also had horrible round ligament pains this week.  I’m attributing it to weight lifting (I’m thinking lunges).  One day they lasted almost the entire day and I was massively uncomfortable.  I’m thinking that maybe I had a big growth spurt this week.  Maybe the extra weight gain, the emotions and round ligament pains on steroids all equal this!  Let’s hope.

Other than that, heartburn is the same.  My back pain is gone!  Hurrah.



Doctor’s Appointment:  I have my gestational diabetes test the first day of next week.

What I’m Eating:  I’m trying to monitor the sugar intake slightly due to the diabetes test next week.  Other than that, the same.  No cravings or aversions.  Actually, chocolate has been calling my name.  I think the holiday season has something to do with that though… there are goodies on every website, in every store and everywhere I look!!

Exercise: Due to the round ligament pain, I stopped lifting weights towards the end of the week.  I have still been walking 3 miles nearly every day.  I lifted weights on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that because I really like it, but those pains are not okay!  I ordered a maternity belt, so maybe that’ll help.

Our HOA does several events throughout the year and on Saturday, they did a horse-drawn carriage ride through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.  They had hot chocolate and cookies, which obviously I was all over:) (The picture is extremely dark below).


Other than that, a pretty uneventful week.

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  1. Ali, you’re looking absolutely beautiful! And what a perfect baby belly! I’m so excited for you and David! I guess I’d better get to work on some booties to keep your little Prince’s feet warm when he makes his debut!

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