Pregnancy Journey: Week 26

Size of Baby: Cucumber (15 in., 2.2 lbs)

Weight Gain:+1.  Like I’ve said before, I’m still having a hard time with weight gain.  I didn’t gain really anything in the first trimester and barely anything until I moved to Denver.  I have been in a random lifestyle (still exercising as much as possible), but the nutrition has taken a toll.  I know that I’m eating more than I used to (which is supposed to happen), but a food journal is something I think I need to do.  With holidays thrown in the mix, it only makes matters worse.  I have absolutely no willpower right now! AGHHH

I can totally understand how it’s possible to gain 70 lbs. during pregnancy.  I feel like women really have to think about nutrition and with all the hormones and pregnancy mindset, it feels harder to say no to junk food!

How I’m Feeling: Bigger!!  Bending over is a thing of the past.  Maybe this is TMI, but shaving my legs is awfully hard these days too.  I’m feeling good though.  I still have heartburn on occasion, but I haven’t even had to take Tums for it.  I think the iron pills are working now because I feel better exercising finally!

The baby is moving a ton!  I feel him all day and I love it.

One symptom I definitely experienced this week was round ligament pain.  I have felt little bouts of it before, but nothing like I did on Wednesday this week.  I went to a job interview and as I was driving home, I felt an extremely sharp pain on the lower right side of my stomach.  It felt like something was ripping in there or I was being stabbed.  I couldn’t stand up straight and it was hard to get in a comfortable position.  I called my midwife freaked out and she said that driving commonly causes round ligament pain and that’s what I was experiencing.  I felt like a baby after that, but it really hurt until the next day.

I was bending over to pick up the humidifier last night and as I bent over, I hit my eye on the corner of the night stand.  This goes to show that I have no depth perception with my big stomach!!  Now it looks like I got beaten up!

Doctor’s Appointment:  The same afternoon as the round ligament pain, I had my last monthly checkup.  Everything was looking good.  I measured at 26.5 weeks.  My midwife said that my uterus is contracting a lot, so it was hard to get a good measurement.  The baby’s heart rate was 130-140 bpm.  I got some new iron pills from them, which are working out much better!

What I’m Eating:  
During the week, I tried to eat healthy by including more fruit and veggies and trying to snack on that stuff with hummus instead of hot cocoa.  I felt pretty good about it.  This weekend my mom came into town and we went out to eat and I really feel like it’s just better if I eat at home.  I know what’s going into my food and I know how to make it healthier.  My husband is also a horrible influence.  He says things like “Wanna share Coldstone?”  We’ve talked and I told him he has to not offer me food like this!

Exercise: Still walking every day.  I also did the Insanity workout twice modified again.  David and I have started going to the gym at 6 am.  I am lifting some weights for about 25 minutes during this time after I walk on the treadmill for a while.  I made sure that my walks were at least 3 miles each day.  On Friday, Otis and I ended up walking 3.6 miles and I was definitely tired and sore afterward.

We put up the decals in the baby’s room this week and painted the dresser (although I still need to paint one more coat).  We bought Annie Sloan’s chalk paint for furniture and it works like a charm.  You don’t have to sand and paint a million coats like regular paint on furniture.  I love it!

The room isn’t yellow; the lights make it appear so.  The paint color is called toasted cashew, so it’s about the color of the monkey’s stomach.

I can’t believe next week is my last week of the second trimester!

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    • Thanks Steph! Yeah they are no fun and come out of no where. I decided that it’s not necessarily the pain that’s the problem, but every time I feel a twinge, I worry that something is wrong! You look great too:)

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