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Hello there!

This week sure has flown by!  I can’t believe we’re up against New Year’s soon and then it’s a whole new year? Holy moly this year has flown by… faster than any of the years of my life.  I literally feel like I was thinking about 2012 about 6 months ago.

Here we are with another Friday Favorites.  P.S. Did anyone else notice on Pinterest how on the 26th, the food section went from all kinds of goodies to now detox drinks?  I love how that happens every.single.year. at this time.

Favorite hot chocolate topping.  Marshmallow whipped cream.  I think we’ve already determined my love for marshmallows and hot chocolate and well whipped cream too, so this is perfection.  I know Christmas is over, but the blizzards and cold weather aren’t, therefore hot chocolate is still a go for at least 3 more months.



Favorite picture. Yes, I’m married and am NOT planning another wedding, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute this picture is!  I supposed it wouldn’t even have to be a wedding picture, but if anyone is getting married out there, DO THIS!



Favorite vacation spots.  If you need ideas about where to go on vacation, I’d start with this list.  These places are unfortunately not going to be here as we know it forever, so start exploring:)  Sadly, of all these amazing places, I’ve only been to the Great Barrier Reef.  I would recommend it.


Favorite healthy dessert.  Reese’s peanut butter cups healthified.  If you haven’t browsed through this website, go now!!  She’s pretty much a genius at recreating all our favorite foods but with much less guilt!  I’m trying not to eat peanut butter while I’m pregnant because there have been some studies about how it could possibly be linked to babies having a peanut allergy.  The studies are very inconclusive, but if there is a possibility of that, I’m trying to go with it.  When I have the baby, it’s on with peanut butter!


Favorite pants.  Lululemon Studio Pant II.  Minus the 7 month baby bump, I could see myself living in these pants.  They are cute and look majorly comfortable.



Favorite green idea. Reuse your Christmas cards for gift tags next year.  This is a way to reuse Christmas stuff.  I always feel like there is so much waste that goes on during the Christmas season.  Between wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes, unused gifts, etc., the trash gets piled up.  These are a great way to be a little greener this holiday season.



Favorite cookies. White Chocolate Butter Pecan Crunch Clusters.  This is a long name for cookies with only 3, yes 3, ingredients.  The fewer ingredients, the better in my book.



Favorite bracelets. I am not a huge jewelry girl.  I always think it’s pretty and cute, but then when I buy it, I never remember to wear it or I get annoyed with it.  Bracelets for some reason are another story.  I love wearing multiple bracelets (they never come off).  Unfortunately, I don’t know where these are from, but I love them!



Favorite organization idea. Cake plates.  Cake plates are multi-tiered, pretty and provide a way to get more counter space.  I love the idea.


Favorite doggy.  This is definitely how I feel these days… tired.  I could sleep all day everyday and be greatly happy.  I hope that I get a burst of energy in the next two months at some point!


zzzzzz_by_deimos2-d28d4fm There we have it folks!  I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday for a year recap.


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  1. Haha that’s a pretty funny Pinterest trend with the detox drinks. I myself am never looking for those on Pinterest – bring back my foodie pics! I cannot believe those amazing long-named cookies have just 3 ingredients. I totally pinned them to my Fit Food board! A lazy foodie like me would consider *gasp* baking those for sure. I adore those Studio pants. I want them so badly but UGH they’re so expensive. Maybe I’ll ask for them for my birthday! March isn’t too far away, right? That puppy at the end is the PERFECT cute ending to this post.

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