Friday Favorites

Well it’s here… the weekend before Christmas!  We will be traveling to my mom’s house in Nebraska on Saturday morning until Christmas Day afternoon and then again the following Friday for our “family” Christmas celebration when my sister and her husband, Dave get there.  They split Christmas between their families, so we are having our official Christmas late.

I plan on relaxing and hopefully walking quite a bit this weekend.  We’ll have a pretty laid back holiday weekend.  I hope the midwest snow storms don’t hinder too many of your travel plans and everyone can get where they are going for Christmas.

Favorite kitchen decor. Mason jar decals.  These definitely add a little spice to normal kitchen jars.  I love adding little personal touches to things.

Waterslide Decal Turorial 1

Favorite outfit of the week.  Maxi skirt with gold belt.  Last summer I became a big fan of both maxi dresses and skirts.  I love the metallic belt with this smoky skirt.  This style really emphasizes her small waist and looks very elegant!


Favorite lunch box. Eco-friendly collapsible lunch box.  This thing is very convenient for bringing lunch to wherever you go during the day.  It’s microwavable and dishwasher safe made out of silicon.


Favorite breakfast item. Sinful cinnamon rolls.  I’m not sure what’s it’s been the past few days (oh yeah, pregnancy hormones), but I’ve never craved a cinnamon roll like this before.  I was dreaming about one the other night and it followed me around all day.  Then when I saw these on the internet, it brought it all back.  I can taste the gooey, sweet, doughy goodness already.

Favorite lounging space.  Turner leather armchair.  I want to cuddle up in this thing and probably never leave it.  I love getting lost in oversized furniture and this fits the mold.  Too bad the price tag is $1,699. Someday.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 7.25.46 AM

Favorite salsa recipe. Pico de gallo is definitely my favorite type of salsa.  We’ve recently started experimenting more with extra spices and different ingredients to make the best we can.  This recipe looks promising!


Favorite gift idea. Onesies in a pea pod.  This would be really cute for a baby shower!


Favorite place. British Isles.  After looking at my pasty skin and having a big snow storm, I could really use a beach (and a cocktail in hand).


Favorite hot beverage. Peppermint ice cream and hot chocolate.  This looks like the perfect mix to create peppermint hot chocolate.  I love mixing hot and cold ingredients…

Favorite festive drink. Grinch punch.  All you do is use a green soda (Jones’ green apple soda), vanilla ice cream and green sprinkles for the rim and voila!  Maybe I should drink it since I didn’t put up a tree this year and Christmas has snuck up on me so much that I don’t feel like I’m fully in the spirit yet.  I’ve got 5 days to correct this.


Favorite puppy picture.  It’s no secret how much I love dogs.  These two are the cutest.  I think I really love this picture because Otis does this with other dogs too…  they are not be best at sharing.


Don’t forget at 9:30 am today, the nation is having a moment of silence for the victims of last week’s elementary school shooting.  Our Denver mayor asked all the churches in town to ring their bells 26 times for all the victims.

I’ll be back on Monday, but in the meantime, travel safe!


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