To Do List at 26 Weeks

At the beginning of pregnancy, you feel like you have do much time to get everything done and quite frankly, you feel like crap, so it’s just less than motivating to do anything.  Well here we are at 26 weeks and my midwife is asking me questions about what we have done and what still needs to be done, so yesterday, I sat down, got my butt in gear, made a thousand phone calls, and got some of it done.  I also compiled a list of “administrative” stuff that needs to be done before Aiden arrives!

TO DO LIST: (in no particular order)

  • Interview pediatrician.  I researched several doctors in the area and for all you Denverites, it seems that Stapleton Pediatrics seems to be “the place.” They are know to do things in a more holistic fashion, incorporating homeopathy and other natural methods first, which I love.  We have a complimentary consultation this month with one of the pediatricians.
  • Research placenta encapsulation specialist.  I have done this briefly a couple of times over the past couple months, but I finally found Misty at Divine Doula who will encapsulate the placenta via the Traditional Chinese Medicine method (obviously I’m a fan of) for $125.  I contacted her yesterday to get that ball rolling.
  • Get my vaccination records.  I am paranoid and wanted to make sure that I am up to date on my vaccines (especially pertussis or whooping cough).  I declined the flu vaccine this year, but I wanted to make sure that I had that vaccine.  I got the tDap 4 years ago, so I am good to go.  David, on the other hand, needs to get the pertussis vaccine.
  • Sign up for hospital tour.  I am waiting on this until January.  We have some unmedicated birth classes in January, so I’m hoping we can go for the tour before one of these classes since it’s about 20 minutes from our house.  I also think that it’s a little soon to be going.
  • Sign up for birth class.  I did this as well.  Denver Rose Medical Center offers a ton of different classes to fit everyone’s needs.  Since I’m interested in trying natural childbirth, I want to do this class.  It meets once a week 4 times in January.
  • Interview Doula.  Our hospital offers a doula program also, which I called about and there is an information session in January that we need to attend to meet all of them and figure out which one is best for us.  The women on the phone told me that most people don’t sign up for them until about 4-6 weeks before delivery in case something in the birth plan has to change.
  • Breast Feeding Class.  I’m unsure if I’m going to go to this class at the hospital.  I have no idea how to breast feed and I need more information I feel like, but they help at the hospital and there is always the La Leche League that can help too.
  • Baby Insurance.  We are lucky to have David’s job and just have to call them when the baby is born and then he’ll be insured.
  • Research cord banking.  This is something that I don’t think we’re going to do.  It’s just so darn expensive and I pray that I don’t regret the cost if the need arises down the road.
  • Register for baby gifts.  We did this last night.  Fortunately, we have actually bought all the “big” necessities I think.  We have a crib, mattress, glider, car seat and stroller (travel system), and a dresser inherited from my mom that we’re painting.  There are plenty of other smaller items that we still need, but I feel good about the bigger items now.  I’ve heard time and time again how much is wasted when it comes to babies.  Parents think that they need a ton of stuff for them and they hardly use most of it.  I’m really trying to take this to heart and only get the stuff that we actually need.  I am a minimalist at heart and just want the necessities and things that will make us more comfortable.  I mean who really needs 5 chairs, bouncers and strollers?
  • Research cloth diapering.  On the realm of the previous item, I want to be more green and use cloth diapers.  There are so many systems out there that it’s overwhelming to me.  I think I have decided to go with g diapers.  That seems to be popular, which is basically the only thing I have to go on.  I like the hybrid part of them and that the inserts are biodegradable.  The covers are certainly expensive though.
  • Write birth plan.  I’ve listened to podcasts and read lots of information and blogs about different aspects of the birthing process.  I have watched “The Business of Being Born” and the sequel “More Business of Being Born” and I really want to try to stick to those principles.  I’ll write the entire birth plan in a separate post.
  • Figure out maternity/new born photography
  • Paint the nursery – Check!
  • Fill out medical power of attorney
  • Use Legal Zoom to create a guardianship/will for Aiden
  • Buy nursing bras
  • Put up monkey wall decal in nursery
  • Freeze meals
  • Pack hospital bag
This list will ultimately be updated throughout the process.  There are things that will come up as my pregnancy progresses!

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