Pregnancy Journey: Week 9

Size of Baby: Prune

How I’m Feeling: This week wasn’t so different from last week.  I think the nausea was a little bit better than last week though.  I made it through a 11 hour day of clinic and class and felt okay.  I even had a little bit of energy left when I got home to go copy loan documents and do extra paperwork to buy a house in Denver.  I was pleased with this!  I ate Jolly Ranchers all day, and when lunch rolled around, I felt back to my old self, and just ate it without any aversions.

I have been studying like a crazy woman for my board on Aug. 7, which is a little draining in itself.  I sat on the couch all day on Monday and by the end my back was spasming so bad!  I normally have lower back issues when I’m stressed, so this wasn’t that abnormal, but usually it’s dull pain, but spasms.  I went to the chiropractor and that made it a little bit better.  I had this on and off all week.  Finally on Friday afternoon, I was having horrible leg cramps that radiated into my lower back and lower abdomen.  When I walked, it felt like my back was going to break.  I was freaked out and I called my doctor.  I felt that I was missing some nutrient or something.  They weren’t very helpful and told me to take Tylenol and if that didn’t help to go to the ER.  I knew that a trip to the ER wasn’t necessary, but I was in some serious pain.  I called my mom (the next best person to the doctor) and she suggested I take some magnesium to calm my muscles down.  Within about 15 minutes of drinking magnesium/calcium powder the pain was gone and I felt back to normal.  I must have been significantly low in these nutrients!  I had also been experiencing some anxiety when I left the house on Friday before this happened.  I was sitting at Paradise Bakery studying and started feeling a little bit nauseous.  A few minutes later, my heart started pounding and I felt like I couldn’t breathe well.  I came home, calmed myself down and then the leg cramps started.

After reading about magnesium deficiency and the benefits of magnesium, I realized that it can calm anxiety, can stop muscle spasms and relaxes the whole body.  That was exactly what I was experiencing.  I’ve been taking a packet about every other day now and there haven’t been any other episodes of either the anxiety or the muscle spasms!

Doctor’s Appointment:  No doctor’s appointment this week.

What I’m Eating: I had some serious cravings this week for foods that I hadn’t had it years!  I wanted a cheese enchilada from a restaurant that closed in my hometown when I was in high school.  I have been loving Mexican food and french fries. I know definitely not the healthiest menu, but I’ve been trying to sneak in a few nutrients here and there too.  Steamed veggies just aren’t going to work though.

Exercise: Due to the back pain, I didn’t really exercise that much this week honestly.  I hope to get back to it again next week.  I went on a few walks, but nothing substantial.

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