Pregnancy Journey: Week 7

Size of baby: Raspberry (0.5 in.)

How I’m Feeling:  
Morning sickness started this week and it wasn’t just in the morning, contrary to popular belief.  I woke up feeling nauseous and usually went to bed feeling nauseous with just a few times during the day that it went away.  I didn’t throw up any times though.  The food situation is just weird.  I have to be at the exactly perfect amount of fullness or I’m nauseous; that being not too full and not too hungry.  If I get even a little bit too hungry, a wave comes over me and it’s all over.

I have minor little “period” cramps occasionally that kind of worried me at first, but rest assured, it’s most like my uterus expanding.

My boobs are still really sore and I’m just exhausted.  I can’t fathom doing much during the day.  I am still trying to exercise with a heart rate below 140 bpm, which consists of walks, the elliptical and a one very watered down Insanity session.  Now that I’m so tired, I don’t really care that I can’t workout, but I’m trying to get something in most days.

What I’m Eating: Meat is on its way out this week.  As good as it sounded for the past few weeks, I’m getting over it.  I sometimes think I can manage to eat some whereas other times, there is no way.  I bought lemon pudding this week, which is one of my childhood favorite snacks, but I haven’t bought any in 10 years probably.  It’s one of the things that sounds like it would soothe my stomach.  Otherwise, slushies and fruit seem to sound good too, but none of this makes me full which is a problem.  At the end of the week, I finally broke down and bought saltine crackers.  I have been avoiding dairy, eggs and wheat since the food sensitivity testing I did in March, but wheat is slowing sneaking back in due to things like saltines.  The rice crackers and flax crackers just aren’t the same.  I’m hoping I can cut back on it again once I feel like a person again.

Life: My mother-in-law came into town for the weekend and we went and looked at Buy Buy Baby just to get a feel for what is out there.  She ended up buying us the Baby Bullet to make our own baby food when the time comes.  David and I feel strongly that we don’t want to feed the baby jarred baby food very often due to the high amount of chemicals and perservatives in them.

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