Pregnancy Journey: Week 6

Size of the baby: Blueberry (.25 in. long)

How I’m Feeling: My boobs have grown at least 1 cup size if not more in the past couple of weeks.  As someone who has always had small boobs, this part is kind of exciting.  However, the soreness is not nearly as exciting!  They hurt worse than they ever do before my period.  I can’t really lay on my stomach anymore because they hurt so bad.  My doctor said it should get better after the first trimester, so cheers to that!

I haven’t really had the typical morning sickness just yet.  There have been times that my stomach hasn’t felt settled and I’ve had little waves of nausea, but not severe and definitely no throwing up.  Maybe I’ll be one of the lucky ones?

Maybe this is TMI, but I’m having the worst constipation.  That’s probably what is making my stomach feel bad actually.  I’m hoping to figure this one out soon too.  I used to drink caffeine when I had this rare issue, but my doctor said no to caffeine.

I obviously have no real bump yet, but I can feel that my stomach is changing.  It is sticking out a little more than it used to and it feels more squishy, but not quite like it would if it were just fat. It’s just a slight change in the way it feels.

We were still keeping the pregnancy a secret for our friend’s wedding, so even though I’m holding the wine, not a drop was consumed.

What I’m Eating: 
I haven’t had any food aversions yet really.  I bought some kettle corn yesterday because I thought it sounded so good.  I took a few bites and now seeing the bag in the pantry makes me a little queasy.  That’s really the only example like that.  I am, however, craving red meat like crazy.  This has been going on for a few weeks now.  I have always liked hamburgers and ground meat, chose to avoid it a lot for health reasons.  Nowadays, I can’t get enough of it and I’m listening to my body and giving into the cravings more than I used to (but certainly not every day).

Conflicting Information
There is so much information out there about pregnancy dos and don’ts and I’m just plain confused now.  I read “Panic Free Pregnancy” and was feeling a whole lot better about things because he takes a liberal approach and made me feel better about drinking tea, exercise, taking medicine, etc.  When I went to the doctor though, they gave me a handout that said pretty much no medications (which I don’t really take anyways), no caffeine and only light exercise where my heart rate stays below 140 bpm.I have stuck to my doctor’s advice and errored on the conservative side, which I was planning on doing anyways.  The one thing that is really aggravating me is the exercise thing.  I know that I need to water it down a little bit, but I always thought you could continue doing what you were doing prior to pregnancy, so I thought that running would be fine.  I used an actual heart rate monitor yesterday and couldn’t even get to a run without it going over 140 bpm.  I know that I’m not in the best shape of my life, but I have been running and doing Insanity for a total of 5 days per week for several weeks now and prior to that exercising as well.  I’m going a little stir crazy not being able to get a great sweat session in anymore.  Any thoughts?

Buying for Baby

I know it’s extremely early, we don’t know the sex and we’re moving to Denver, so we wouldn’t want to buy very much yet, but David and I ventured to the Target baby department yesterday and browsed through things to get an idea of what we were doing.  We ended up purchasing just a few little items, such as hygiene kit (nail clippers, etc.) and some wet wipes.  We are planning on getting some of these items as the times goes on, so we don’t have a huge shopping spree a week before the baby comes.  It makes me excited to register though (and find out the sex).

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