Pregnancy Journey: Week 25

(I was bad about taking pictures the past two weeks)
Size of Baby: Eggplant (9.2 in., 2 lbs)

Weight Gain:
I now weigh 136 lbs. thanks to Thanksgiving.  I’m starting to worry slightly about the weight gain.  I seem to be gaining too much in the past few weeks.  I am going to talk to my midwife about it tomorrow.  I feel hungry all the time and I need to learn when to say NO!  Needless to say, I gained about 1.5 lbs this week.  I’m hoping maybe it’ll slow down in the 3rd trimester?

How I’m Feeling:

This week was Thanksgiving and I had my whole family come into town to my house for most of the week and then we went back to my mom’s house in Nebraska for the weekend.  We had 4 dogs and lots of people in our house which isn’t very big, so it was definitely packed.  I’m still feeling heartburn a couple times per day.  I don’t usually have to take Tums though; it just subsides on its own.  I also definitely feel the anemia and the fatigue, shortness of breath and irritability that goes with it.  I’ve been really irritable this week.  Little things set me off and I hate being that way.I’ve felt lots of movement this week which has been exciting!  He loves when I eat apparently because it’s always after I’ve eaten and then a few other times during the day.  I do know, however, that my stomach is not able to handle a normal amount of food anymore.  I have to eat much smaller portions several times per day or I am overly stuffed.

I had been taking the iron tablets (ferrous sulfate 325 mg) daily before bed and noticed that they were making my stomach hurt!  On Tuesday night, we went to dinner and I ate a burger and came home and vomited.  I stopped taking the iron pills and also need to discuss this with my midwife to see if there is a better brand to take or something.

I feel my belly button stretching and it feels like I need more skin on my stomach!  It’s getting tighter in there for sure.

Doctor’s Appointment:  
I didn’t have any appointments this week! Hurray.  I got my blood results back from the internist and he said that one of the tests I had previously taken (S protein count) was a false negative and it isn’t low, so I don’t have to go on heparin until after the baby is born now.  Good news!

What I’m Eating:  Due to the anemia, I have been craving red meat.  Also, again with the excuses, it was Thanksgiving, so I didn’t eat very healthfully this week.  I can’t wait for David and I to be back in our lifestyle and eat healthy again!!  I really need to do it.

Exercise:Still walking every day.  I also did the Insanity workout twice modified obviously!  I still really like that workout.  I also walked at the gym on the treadmill one day this week which was a nice change to the outdoors.  I feel like I’m getting enough exercise, but I must be eating too much.

We got the glider, crib and decal in the mail this week and we are painting the dresser next week, so I’ll give you an update on the nursery next week!

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