Pregnancy Journey: Week 24

Size of Baby: Rutabaga… I think.  He is supposed to weigh around 1.5 lbs.

Weight Gain:
1 lb. for a total of 134 lbs.  I have gained 17 lbs. thus far!  That number sounds so big to me.  I can definitely feel it on my body.

How I’m Feeling: I had a much better week this week being at home.  It was David’s birthday and my mom was in town for a couple of days.  We cooked a birthday dinner for him and then he, Otis and I drove up to the mountains for the weekend.  We also painted the baby’s room!

I have felt the anemia a couple of times.  I have been very tired and needed to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon.  I found (or rather David found) that I wasn’t eating substantial meals on those days though.  I need to eat some form of protein with every meal and get enough to eat (duh!).  Due to the weight gain roller coaster, I was trying to make sure I only gained 1 lb. and was eating a little slight.  When I eat well, I feel much better.  The iron tablets are causing some stomach discomfort and possibly high blood pressure.  I haven’t had terrible constipation yet, but the stomach ache feels like I have a big rock right under my sternum.  I am going to look for a different brand.

I researched the symptoms of anemia and one of them is irritability.  I have definitely felt this symptom this week.  I feel annoyed at the slightest thing and more “touchy” than normal.  I constantly think people are either mad at me or I’m annoyed at them.  I feel better as I’m writing this though… I think I need to do yoga.

Doctor’s Appointment:  
I went to an internist who specializes in conditions that complicate pregnancy this week.  I was really nervous to go to him and hear what he was going to say, but he was really nice and thorough with me.  He sat and answered every question I had and went through my blood work with me.  I had to give blood one more time to determine if I had a false positive on my low S protein and it turns out I did.  I only have factor V leidan and a slightly low protein C, which they tell me is common in pregnancy, so they aren’t concerned.  I don’t have to go on Lovenox until after the baby is born, which was good news.  

What I’m Eating:  I tried to clean up my diet from last week.  Like I mentioned earlier, there were a couple of days that I didn’t eat substantial enough meals and felt really fatigued.  We didn’t eat the best for David’s birthday.  Nothing really else to report here.

Still walking every day.  I’m getting too big to walk Otis on a leash because he pulls me too much, so we’ve been sticking to the off-leash dog park, which works perfectly.

What I Miss: I miss not having my hormones make me feel slightly crazy!  Other than that, I’m feeling happy about the baby.

We bought a crib, glider, decal for the wall and painted the baby’s room this week.  This was the first big items we’ve bought for Aiden… so exciting:) I’m getting excited to get the room together and start getting more for him.  I’m really feeling him kick a lot, so I know he’s doing well in there.

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