Pregnancy Journey: Week 23

You can’t see my stomach due to the layers of clothing I’m wearing in Vancouver.
Size of Baby: Ear of Corn

Weight Gain: Unsure… I didn’t weigh myself this week.

How I’m Feeling: This week was full of ups and downs.  I was getting settled in my house, took a 5 day trip to Seattle and went to a new doctor for an ultrasound I was referred to.  I also got some not so good news from my midwife when I was in the middle of my Seattle trip.  I never realized how much I would miss home.  I loved visiting my friend, but I really missed Otis and David a ton!! I was really homesick.I had more bouts with back pain again.  I think from all the excitement around here lately… driving, moving, stress, etc., my back just acted up more times than I would have liked.  It finally felt better at the end of the week, but as I write this (week 24 day 1), I am feeling it bad.  Otis and I walked this morning and he jerked me and definitely pulled my pelvis in a weird way.  I had “nervy” sharp pains as we walked the rest of the way.  I got my first prenatal massage today (I should be writing this for next week’s review) and it didn’t really make that big of a difference.  I’m hoping time will heal all wounds.

My family has a gene for a blood clotting disorder called a factor V mutation.  I got 16 vials of blood taken at the midwives appointment a last week to determine if I have it too.  Well in fact I do have it along with something else called a ANA mutation.  I’m sure totally sure what all this means yet.  I have another doctor’s appointment with an internist tomorrow.  The midwife told me to go see him to determine what, if any, treatment needs to be done.  Pregnancy makes you at a higher risk anyways to develop blood clots, so this is something they don’t take lightly.  I was upset when I heard all this news, but I guess it’s better to know than be surprised.  I was in Seattle and all I wanted to do was come home and jump into David’s arms.  The blood work also showed that I have anemia.  I have had it since the beginning of my pregnancy (which I suspected), but my Phoenix doctor never told me.  Now I’m taking ferrous sulfate, a form of iron, each day to get that number up.  I’m sure I’ll feel so much better in a couple weeks after that takes effect.

I still have heartburn.  It definitely got better and then through traveling, I encountered too many carbs and sugar and it’s back in full force.  I gotta get eating healthier again and I’ll be fine.

Due to the recent events, I’ve been really emotional this week.  I cried like a 2 year old when I heard the blood work news.  It’s not that bad, but this isn’t something that labor will cure like so many pregnancy symptoms.  It’s something that I have to think about for the rest of my life.  I know that most everyone has issues in their lives too…  I have never been so excited to get home as I was on Sunday and then Monday, I was just grouchy.  I think a lack of sleep over the past 5 days, emotional turmoil and pregnancy hormones got the rest of me.  This is probably another reason my back pain is worse.  Even before I was pregnant, this was the case.  Stress=Bad for me.

Doctor’s Appointment:  I had an ultrasound to determine the “real” due date since there has been a discrepancy.  The interesting thing is that these doctors couldn’t decide what it is either.  Aiden is measuring at a March 3 due date, but with the period and ovulation, he should be a March 10 baby.  I guess he’ll let us know when he’s ready.  I have another one tomorrow with the internist (pray for good news).  I might fall apart if it’s bad.

What I’m Eating:  I ate too much sugar and sweets this week in Seattle.  I am really craving salad and lighter foods now. Nothing really new to report on the food front.  Oh yeah. We bought a Keurig machine and both David and I are addicted.  I have hot chocolate

Still walking every day… same ol’

What I Miss: I miss just being able to visit the doctor for my yearly check up and call it good.  I hate going to doctors and now I have to go once a week I feel like.  They make me nervous.

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